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It’s time to pay student-athletes

Becca Langys, Assistant Photo Editor

March 28, 2018

Filed under Sports

As this school year continues to speed past us, it has come to my attention that more and more individuals have started to debate on whether or not collegiate athletes deserve to be paid for their participation in certain colle...

Hoping for a UConn upset in March

Devon Greene, Sports Editor

March 26, 2018

Filed under Sports

The University of Connecticut Huskies have dominated women’s basketball for what seems like eternity, so when March Madness rolls around, it hard to get excited for the women’s tournament when it feels like UConn is going to w...

A month full of bracket busting basketball

Titus Perez, Sports Writer

March 23, 2018

Filed under Sports

The final 16 teams in the NCAA tournament has been a surprise to everyone who has watched so far. We have already seen a number 16 seed get its first win over a number one seed in tournament history, followed by another one s...

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