Western Courier

Myers pressing for WIU money

Lisa Lipscomb

February 7, 1997

Last Wednesday State Rep. Rich Myers, R-Colchester, introduced an amendment to House Bill 197 that would secure an additional $850,200 for repair of the boiler system at WIU.Currently, WIU owns six boilers: Three are gas-fired a...

Rec Center to open Fall 97

Kristy Judycki

February 7, 1997

Students anticipating the opening of the new student recreation center and remodeled areas of Western Hall should mark their calendars for the beginning of fall semester 1997.According to Jim Barnett, director of the Physical Pl...

Eagles lay 75-78 egg on ‘Necks

Matthew Johnson

February 7, 1997

Most teams do better at home, but that's not the case with WIU. Poor play continued to bother the Leathernecks last night in a 78-75 loss to Northeastern Illinois University.As with the past few games, WIU (12-8, 7-4) dominated...

Winds slide to bottom of barrel

February 7, 1997

The Westerwinds basketball team was overshadowed by Northeastern Illinois University last night after suffering an 83-59 defeat.The 'Winds remained fairly competitive throughout the majority of the game with the support of senio...

Resolution to extend bar hours fails

Neil Kessler

February 5, 1997

The Macomb City Council voted 4-2 to leave closing bar hours at 1 a.m. for the rest of the spring semester Monday night at its regular meeting."What is the standard we want to set in the community? Do we look at that extra hour of opening...

‘Winds continue Mid-Con slide

February 5, 1997

The Westerwind basketball team tried a new strategy for its game against the University of Buffalo Monday.Head coach Regina Miller took out senior guard Deirdre LaFrance and put in freshman guard Bridget Oberer in the startin...

Women’s soccer joins NCAA Division I

February 5, 1997

Seniors Robyn Mentegen, Ann Hyer and Veronica Sova, and juniors Tiffani Heidelberg and Amy Bruer are ultimately the cause of this change.Strong players of the former soccer club, they were frequently the only players at practice, rec...

Cops will soon be in shops

Rebecca Bogler

February 5, 1997

Local liquor stores and bars alike will soon see new employees as the result of a program the Macomb Police Department has been working on to prevent illegal consumption of alcohol by minors."It (the program) is about to star...

Spencer says funding stalemate is over

Paul Bixby

February 5, 1997

WIU President Donald Spencer spoke to Student Government Association Tuesday about issues concerning the student body, including state funding.Spencer is hopeful WIU will receive more funds to complete planned projects now that Democrats ha...

Bulls continue to curse ‘Necks

February 5, 1997

It was the running of the bulls in Buffalo, N.Y., Monday, but it was the Leatherneck basketball team that was left standing in the dust as the 'Necks suffered an 88-81 setback to the University of Buffalo.The loss to Buffalo ...

You can’t blame the media for everything

Rahim Owens

February 5, 1997

A recent column in the Courier criticized the media for unethical conduct in relation to the JonBenet Ramsey and Ennis Cosby death cases. While I understand the author's views, I feel the author doesn't have a grasp of the real...

Stop going to the booth for coaches

Marvin Holman

January 31, 1997

There is a new trend in the National Football league these days and I'm getting very sick and tired of it.The trend is for teams that are major losers for years and years to hire coaches from the broadcast booth. This practice ...

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