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NASA sends Glenn back into space with opposition

October 28, 1998

In just two days, former astronaut John Glenn will attempt another trip into space as he, along with six crew members of the space shuttle Discovery, will launch off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., for a nine-day mission.It's been 38...

L.T. sacked by cocaine addiction, plans rehab

Ed Cabello

October 28, 1998

Lawrence Taylor, perhaps the best linebacker ever and the sole reason Joe Montana has arthritis in his lower back, made a buy that would tarnish his name forever.Taylor made a deal at the Sandpiper Resort in St. Pete Beach, Fl...

Scholarship established in honor of murdered gay student

Karin Lewis

October 28, 1998

On Oct. 19, Out Publishing, Inc., the publisher of "OUT" and "HIV PLUS" magazines, announced the creation of a scholarship fund in memory of Matthew Shepard, the gay University of Wyoming student who died after being violently ...

Students become aware of disabilities

Leslie Gray

October 28, 1998

The word "deb" may not mean much to many people, but to a person with dyslexia, it spells "bed."A program simulating dyslexia was among the demonstrations at Thursday's Disability Awareness Day in the University Union Grand B...

Recomendations made for distribution of student fees

Matt Bills

October 28, 1998

Do you often wonder where all the money you pay in student fees is going? Well, at an Oct. 20 meeting, the Student Government Association Senate made recommendations to the vice president for Student Services on the distributio...

NASA scientists still treating space like a new toy

Jared Miller

October 28, 1998

John Glenn, the first man in orbit, is once again at the forefront of NASA's space program. At age 77, he will be the oldest man ever to enter outer space. I think this is remarkable in two ways.First, it is remarkable that af...

Rocky statue gets a facelift

Megan McCarthy

October 28, 1998

Rocky, WIU's mascot, was cleaned and repainted last week for Family Weekend.The cleanup was required to remove the results of a prank earlier in the week. He was repainted with the school colors to show of school spirit as well as ...

P.R.I.D.E. works to help handicapped

Josh Monninger

October 28, 1998

Promoting Rights of Individuals with Disabilities Everywhere, a student organization sponsored by Disability Support Services, had its annual program Thursday for Disability Awareness Day celebrating Disability Awareness Week.P.R.I...

WIU Laureate Award nomination process flawed

Steve Sonneveld

October 28, 1998

One of the most prestigious student awards in Illinois is the Lincoln Student Laureate Award. WIU's process for nominating an individual with an exceptional curricular and extracurricular record has been unchanged for the past...

President Spencer speaks to student body at SGA meeting

Leslie Gray

October 28, 1998

WIU President Donald Spencer attended the Student Government Association meeting last night to deliver a speech and answer questions from students.Spencer congratulated Matt Bills, SGA president, on winning the Lincoln Academy ...

SGA president Bills honored for scholastic achievements

Danny Davis

October 28, 1998

Matt Bills, president of the Student Government Association, was selected as the Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award speaker.Because of his selection, he gets the honor of speaking at a dinner, which will be presided over ...

Childhood reading gratly improves adult literacy

Tedra Newman

October 26, 1998

Think back to when you first began reading. Remember that first book you read or the one you enjoyed so much you read it over and over again? Most of us probably enjoyed reading at a younger age and perhaps still do today. Maybe ma...

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