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Higher Education Act of 1998 will paint clearer picture of crime

October 16, 1998

For the first time in the history of higher education, campuses must now publicly disclose all criminal incidents within two days of their occurrence. The Higher Education Act of 1998 recently signed by President Bill Clinton ri...

Your Ma

Lisa Lipscomb

October 16, 1998

Hold on to your seats - if you haven't heard it yet, MTV is going to grace WIU and the city of Macomb with its presence Oct. 25. The band Third Eye Blind will be performing with Eve 6 as their opening act.When I first heard the...

Ferguson Lecturer gives tips on business

Tricia Tortorich

October 16, 1998

Edward J. McManus, chief operating officer of Procurement and Logistics of American Stores Company.Mark Kennedy/Photo EditorThe 10th Annual Robert and Mary Ferguson Lecture was the highlight of the College of Business and Technol...

University Theatre gives outstanding performance

Holly M. Anderson

October 16, 1998

If you try on your own to envision the sound of an imaginary train approaching from the distance, it's difficult. But the cast of "Our Town," at times, had me convinced that moonlight was flooding the stage.I didn't expect to be so...

She Said: Birth Control

Dana Evert

October 16, 1998

This is probably the most controversial subject that surrounds college campuses everywhere - safe sex. We are living in a very advanced society; the multiple types of birth control on the market have become quite extensive. C...

Women unite to take back the night

Doug Hoepker

October 16, 1998

October is not just a month of trick or treating, but also of awareness. Domestic violence is something that needs to be recognized and stopped. The Take Back The Night rally and march Thursday evening will give women the cha...

SGA discusses proposed fee increases, distributes money into five categories

Heather Esrig

October 16, 1998

WIU President Donald Spencer signs the Campus Safety Week proclamation.-Mark Kennedy/Photo EditorThe proposed Student Government Association's fee increase has been distributed among five main categories. The 6.2 percent increase fo...

New act makes campus crime information more accessible to students

Rob Carroll

October 16, 1998

Campus crime in the United States will now be less of a mystery, thanks to the disclosure provisions for criminal incidents and disciplinary decisions included in the Higher Education Act of 1998 signed Oct. 7 by President Clinton...

He Said: Birth Control

Zed Bartlow

October 16, 1998

Have you ever been in an intimate situation with a person you desire, only to realize that you have no available protection? This is one of the most embarrassing experiences that can occur, but with a little forethought, it ca...

‘Winds take on IUPUI, return home for pair

Marvin Holman

October 16, 1998

The 'Winds set up to return a serve in action earlier this season.-Marta Ciszewski/Asst. Photo EditorAfter coming off one of its best games of the season, the Westerwind volleyball team will go on the road again this weekend in M...

Our Town is a very, very fine town

Lisa Lipscomb

October 16, 1998

The cast of Our Town rehearses a scene from the play.-Marta Ciszewski/Asst. Photo Editor"Our Town" (a k a Grovers Corners, N.H.) waltzed its way onto the Simpkins Theatre stage Tuesday for the opening-night performance of the ...

Students light candles in memory of Shephard

Danny Davis

October 16, 1998

A crowd of about fifty people held a memorial for Matthew Shephard. With the slogan, "Ignorance isn't Bliss," the memorial urged students to take action.Junior theatre major Steve Sonneveld stood in the University Union Free Sp...

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