KickBack at Macomb’s hookah bar

Ashley Pickett

The eternally changing club on the corner of Lafayette Avenue and University Drive is under new management once again. This building has changed names and owners at least three times over the past three years, but this time, Western students are running the show.

The KickBack, as it is now known, is the venture of seniors Davron W. Boyd, Daryl Stephens, sophomore Kevyn White and Western alumna Denisha Price.

 “The building was open, so we went for it,” Stephens said. 

First and foremost, it is a hookah bar, something that the other bars around campus do not offer. The bar has been changed inside and out, and so far, the owners are happy with the business.

 “We’ve been open seven days now, and business has been pretty good,” Stephens said. 

The KickBack is open several nights of the week, to cater to different types of students and crowds. Tuesday nights are “Pride Nights.” Wednesday nights, “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” are chill nights, reserved for poetry and neo-soul music. Thursdays, “Late Night” offers reggae music, which is something different for Macomb. Friday nights are titled “Fashion Bar Fridays,” which offers a dressy party environment. Saturdays are “#PASS,” which offers a regular party environment.  

The club has taken on a completely new direction this year. 

“It looks nice and it is pretty professional,” senior Rick Ingram said. 

The KickBack is an 18-and-up environment, different from other bars and clubs in Macomb that carry a 20-and-up age restriction.

Students have noticed the change that has occurred in the club. 

“The atmosphere is different than before,” senior Davena McCray said. “(The KickBack) seems like it’s better than before, I really like that they have themed nights…I’m going to visit there a little more now.” 

“The overall goal of the club is to take away the negative title (associated with the club) and make sure everyone on Western Illinois University campus enjoys themselves,” Boyd said. 

Things have gone well for the club so far, and the students running things are focused and determined to succeed.

“We hope to be able to do charity work soon, and maybe hold fashion shows or other events here,” Stephens said. 

Students looking for more information are encouraged to visit to keep up with the club’s numerous events.