Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Erika Ward

 While  growing up in a family involved in law enforcement and having a personal desire to help others, Michael Stelter decided to attend Western Illinois University to become a police officer.

 “Law enforcement is really popular in my family,” Stelter said.  “Both of my uncles were police officers.  One is actually the Chief of Police in Brookfield, Illinois.”

 Before attending Western, Stelter attended Lake Park High School in Roselle, Illinois.  When he was 15, Stelter started his own business.

 “It was a video-tape converting service,” Stelter explained. “I would turn small cassette tapes from those old video cameras from the ‘90s and convert them into digital computer files and DVDs, so they could be easier to view.”

 When Stelter turned 16, he got his first car: a Chrysler 2000 LHS that was a part of his family for years.

 “I inherited it from my grandmother,” Stelter said. “She passed away at an early age.  The car ended up breaking down two years later.”

 Stelter, a freshman at Western, is a law enforcement major with a business accounting minor. 

 “I want to save lives,” Stelter said.  “Western is one of the top schools in the country for law enforcement.  You’re famous if you go to Western and you want to become a cop.  That’s why I picked it.”

 Stelter hopes to be hired as a first responder in the police force.

 “I’m not looking for anything higher like detective or crime scene investigator,” Stelter said.  “Law enforcement is something that I feel like I can do — I want to help people in my profession.”

 Stelter enjoys listening to all types of music, but his favorite song is “World on Fire” by Slash, featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators.

 “It gets me really pumped in the morning to go out and do my best,” Stelter said.  “It’s also a really good song to work out to.  For me, it’s just a really inspirational song.”

 Stelter’s other hobbies include playing video games, exercising on a regular basis and going to the movies.  He also enjoys spending time bonding with his father through a hobby they both share.

 “Back home I like to go shooting with my father,” Stelter said. “We have target shooting.”

 Stelter is also a member of the Phi Kappa Phi fraternity on campus.

 “At the beginning of the year, I didn’t have any interest in joining a fraternity,” Stelter said. “I felt like it was just a bunch of guys drinking and partying.  When I first met these guys at rush, I saw them as something else.  They were completely different from the stereotype.”

 Stelter recommends that anyone pursuing a career in law enforcement should consider Western in the future.

 “We are a party school, but partying aside, there’s a good education here,” Stelter said.  “It may not be one of the greatest colleges out there, but it’s definitely a good place to get an education. If you want to be a major in law enforcement, come here.”