Super Smash for fun

Erika Ward

The first “Super Smash Legends of the Rec” tournament will be held in the MAC gym at the Spencer Student Recreation Center on Feb. 27.

 Kyle Randolph, a graduate assistant at Western Illinois University, is the creator of the event.

 “I’m a gamer, always have been,” Randolph said. “I figured it would be a good way to get a lot of non-traditional rec attendees in and having some fun.”

 Participants will have the opportunity to play “Super Smash Bros.” on either the N64 or the WiiU.  

 “It’ll be double elimination, so they’ll have two chances to show their ‘valor,’ if you will,” Randolph said.

 The tournament will be held from 6-9 p.m. 

 “If we’ve got a lot more people, we’ll be extending it to 10:30,” Randolph explained.  “Hopefully not later than that.”

 Randolph has been a gamer since he was younger, and his game of choice was “Super Smash Bros.”

“I started playing when it (Super Smash Brothers) first came out in 1996 and would always play,” Randolph said.  “I would ask my brother early in the morning if I could play.”

Randolph had a lull in time where his Super Smash gaming came to a halt.

“I probably didn’t play it again until college,” Randolph said.  “A lot of my friends were playing it again then, so I picked it up again and started playing it on weekends.”

The idea for a Super Smash Brothers tournament was in Randolph’s mind for a few years.

“I had this idea before and now I’m actually getting to do something with it,” Randolph said. “Everyone’s got their group of friends who has their best person, then you go to another friend’s house and they’ve got their best person, but nobody ever meets and has a tournament or anything.”

The tournament is co-sponsored by the Alcohol and Other Drugs Resource Center (AOD).  

“I’m partnered with AOD and they’re helping to put on some games there as well,” Randolph said. “AOD is going to be having a Jeopardy game going on.  It’ll be something fun to do on a Friday night.”

There will also be refreshments provided for the tournament’s participants.

“We’re going to have Monster,” Randolph said.  “We’ll also have food, drink, chips and other snacks.  (Participants) can also bring their own if they want to, like if they want to bring some junk food to snack on during the game.”

There is no registration fee to enter the tournament and registration can be done through Potential participants will have to search for “Western Illinois University” and choose “Super Smash Bros Tourn.”  The first 50 people to register get a free T-shirt.

“We’re still working on finishing the design,” Randolph said.  “It’ll be pretty sweet, though.  After that, as many people can register as they want.”

There will be a reward for the grand prize winner, but Randolph said it is still up in the air whether the winner will either receive a $50 pre-paid Visa card or gift card to a specific business.

Randolph encourages students to register and come.

“It’ll be fun even if you don’t want to participate in the tournament,” Randolph said.  “It will still be a fun event just to hang out at.”

Registration closes at 5 p.m. on Feb. 26. Any questions or concerns can be addressed by email to Kyle Randolph at