Mom’s weekend makes mothers sentimental

Erika Ward

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Western Illinois University hosted its sixth annual Moms’ Weekend, which started on Friday, March 27 and ended on Sunday, March 29.

 Moms’ Weekend was packed full of events for mothers and their Leatherneck sons and daughters.  The Macomb Lion’s Club sponsored the event Shower Them with Roses, which allowed students to order a dozen roses that would be presented to their mother’s at the time of registration.

 Spas were available to the participants for the weekend by appointment. The art gallery was also open for touring throughout the day. The Donald S. Spencer Student Recreation Center offered free admittance to moms with a wristband for open recreation hours for the weekend.

  There were various activities available on Friday as well, including chair massages and different businesses offering specials for the mothers. Moms also had free admittance to the Western vs. North Dakota State baseball game.

 On Friday night Karen Morgan and Jim Colliton hosted a comedy show titled “Parents Night Out.”

 Saturday morning kicked off with the sixth Annual Donna Phillips Memorial 5K Fun Run and Dog Walk.

 “This morning was really fun,” said Dee Wagley, Leatherneck birthgiver.  “It was for a good cause, and it was a beautiful, crisp morning.”

 Proceeds from the Fun Run and Dog Walk went to benefit the Department of Kinesiology and their organizations at Western.

 Various cooking classes were available throughout the day as well.  Saturday also offered a variety of  do-it-yourself activities for moms and students to learn about different homemade or repurposed fashion and how to create paper garlands.

 One of the most popular events of the weekend were the Cupcake Battles in which the participants had an hour and a half to create two-dozen cupcakes to be judged.  The tasting began at 4 p.m.

 Another popular event was the Veteran’s Club Bags Tournament.

 “The Bags Tournament was pretty fun,” said Joseph Dorken, a law enforcement and justice administration major.  “We lost the first round, but it was still a fun experience.”

 Some families were extremely dedicated to the weekend and participated in as many events as possible, like math education majors Connie McMiller and Jamee Hale.

 “We went to the comedy show Friday night,” McMiller said. “That was really fun. We did breakfast. It was awesome.  That was a great idea.”

 “We did the cupcake tasting too,” Hale said.  “We’re going to do (the Big Pink Volleyball Challenge) and then bingo too.”

 The two said they were most excited for bingo.

 “We heard they have awesome prizes,” McMiller said.  “We’re doing everything.”

 Some families took advantage of open recreation hours, like the Dorken family.

 “We’ve used the machines and walked the track upstairs,” said Bernie Dorken a Leatherneck matron. “So far we’ve done more exercise today than anything else.”

 Sunday offered many of the same activities, but also included golf and a farewell lunch for the moms.

 Dee Wagley, mother of Alex Wagley, a geography major at Western, was sentimental about her experience during Moms’ Weekend, saying that her favorite part was, “Just spending time together and having fun.”