Dress for success

Kayla Trail

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Western Illinois University’s Career Development Center will host an event at Goodwill on Wednesday, March 11 from 2 to 4 p.m., where students can shop and learn how to dress on a budget. The event is open to everyone. 

The Career Development Center’s assistant director, Renee Sprock, said she will help students pick out affordable and professional outfits for future job searches. 

“I guess students should understand what it means by professional dress,” Sprock said. “There is a difference between professional dress versus business casual and what is generally workplace acceptable.” 

Abigail Landau, a music major, said she is all for dressing on a budget. She also added that she would not have thought to check for professional clothes at Goodwill.

“As a student, I find it extremely inconvenient that there are not more stores that sell professional clothes,” Landau said. “I personally have to wear professional clothes at least twice a week,and I unfortunately do not have $30 to drop on a pair of dress pants.” 

According to Landau, finding professional clothes in Macomb can be difficult, even for men. 

“I have found that I almost always have to wait to go visit my parents (in Nashville, Tennessee) to get dress clothes, or travel to Quincy, Davenport or Peoria,” Landau said. “I do think this program will be beneficial for students.

“Finding appropriate, fashionable and reasonably priced dress clothes is constantly a challenge.”

Sprock said she encourages students to come out to Goodwill, so they can benefit and learn how to dress appropriately while spending half the cost at a department store. 

“Part of it is dressing on a budget,” Sprock said. “It is to show students that you do not have to have a lot of money in order to look nice. 

“If they are getting ready to go out on a job search, it is a good time (attending Dressing on a Budget,) if they are looking for a job or internship – show up and gain the knowledge.”