Student Spotlight

Erika Ward

After transferring from Southern Illinois University Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), freshman Shannon Lowe, Jr. found his place at Western Illinois University as a law enforcement and justice administration major.

 “At first I was at Southern Illinois Edwardsville, but my sister (Shantina Lowe) was here,” Lowe said.  “We thought it would be a good idea for me to transfer here, so we could all be together.”

 Lowe, one of six children, went to Thornwood High School in South Holland before graduating.  While attending SIUE, Lowe was a music business major before being considered undeclared.

 “I wanted my major to be music business,” Lowe said.  “I changed my mind and switched to criminal justice.  They (the administration) said I wouldn’t officially be a criminal justice major until my sophomore (year).  Then I came here, and it is what it is.”

 Another reason that Lowe transferred to Western was for a change in atmosphere.

 “The people (here) are really nice,” Lowe said.  “It’s fun here. My other school, it wasn’t boring. I was just bored there. I guess it ‘turns up’ here, I should say.”

 Lowe, part of a musical family, changed his major when he was unsure of his future in the music business.

 “I don’t know (what I was going to do), that’s the thing,” Lowe said.  “It was going to come to me, at least I hope it was going to come to me. I was just going to take it step by step and see what happened.”

 When this realization hit Lowe, he decided to pursue a career in law enforcement.

 “It was always something I wanted to do when I was growing up and seeing police officers,” Lowe said. “I know a lot of people don’t really like cops, but I’ve always liked the idea.”

 Lowe is a member of both the Heritage Ensemble and United Voices of Western Inspirational Singers (UVOWIS), where he sings tenor.

 Lowe tried playing different instruments, but singing is what he enjoys doing the most. 

 He also enjoys playing basketball as a hobby.

 “I like to play basketball,” he said.  “I’m not, like, really good at it, but I like to shoot around.”

 Lowe roots for the New England Patriots for football and enjoys watching a variety of basketball teams.

 “I have several favorites (teams) for basketball,” Lowe said.  “I have more favorite players, I don’t want to say a team.  (I like) LeBron James, Kobe Bryant (and) Russell Westbrook, lots.”

 Lowe said that one of the places he enjoys spending time on campus is the University Union.

 “(The University Union) is just a chill spot, whether it’s empty or full,” he said.  “It’s just a comfortable place to be.”

 After graduating, Lowe said he would like to pursue a career in law enforcement and work in a suburban area.

 “I want to be a police officer,” Lowe said.  “I used to joke around saying that I don’t want to work in a city like Chicago. It’s kind of crazy out there.  But I don’t want to be someplace where nothing happens, and I sit around all day.  I want to be somewhere in-between.”