Shaving heads and saving lives

Kayla Trail

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Tanner Hall will be hosting its annual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser on Sunday afternoon from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to raise awareness for childhood cancer. 

Shamrock shakes, activities, giveaways, raffles and live music  provided by a DJ will be available during the four-hour event on Sunday to entertain the volunteers and all who participate in the event with all of the donations going to St. Baldrick’s.

Tanner Hall ran this event for over a decade and it is looking forward to continuing the tradition says Tanner Hall Complex Director Jerone Lester. 

“St. Baldrick’s is a foundation that helps fight childhood cancer,” Lester said. “The goal is to raise some money for a good cause and have a good time while doing it. See some of your friends, your roommates, colleagues; we even have a mom shaving her head. It is a good chance to support a good cause.”

History major Dominic Kleffmann will shave his head for his close friend who is in remission after his battle with leukemia. 

“I think it is great for anyone to get involved in this.” Kleffmann said. “When I found out that my friend had leukemia I told him I would shave my head if he had to go through chemotherapy, thankfully he did not. So now I will be extending that deal out to the children who have and will have to go through it.” 

The goal is to raise awareness and to have fun while trying to meet the event’s $20,000 goal. 

“We are currently at $5,000,” Lester said. “That is the people that have prepaid online, not including the cash we have collected already.” 

On the St. Baldrick’s website, it says the total amount of money raised last year was at $38,974,529, and this year the money stands at $21,910,581. This contributed to the total amount of money raised, $154,552,703 that has made 820 grants at 329 institutions in 22 different available countries. 

Music major Sam McDowell has lost a loved one to cancer and will be in attendance to have his head shaved, too. McDowell feels that this fundraiser is impactful to not only Western, but other campuses as well. 

“I have seen the good that has come out of it from the awareness.” McDowell said. “It will help students raise their own awareness because so many people are impacted by cancer and are willing to do something about it.”

Lester said students do not need to spend any money to participate in raising awareness.

“I’m a broke college kid.” Kleffmann said. “I unfortunately do not have the money to donate, but just by me showing up and participating in the event, it says something to the people who have cancer. It lets them know that they are being thought of, and that people are getting together to raise money for them.”