The Heaviest Fight in History


Dayton Whiting, News Editor

At this point, the world of sports has seen some crazy things. 

Superhuman speed. 

Gargantuan lifts that push the body to its absolute limits. 

And whatever it is the Paul brothers are doing. 

The list can go on and on. 

But what happens when you introduce two of the strongest men alive into a combat sport like boxing? Well, we may have our answer on March 19 when Eddie “The Beast” Hall takes on Hafthor Julius Bjornson, a.k.a. “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones

The fight will be six three-minute rounds and is billed as the heaviest match in history. The feud with these two runs back to 2017 during the World’s Strongest Man competition in Africa where Britain’s Eddie Hall took first place in an upset for the Icelandic Hafthor Bjornson by a one-point margin after a no-rep took the lead away from Bjornson. 

Then, in 2020 during the lockdown in Iceland, The Mountain took something from The Beast: His deadlift record of 500 kilograms (or 1,102 pounds), beating this record by 1 kilogram from the comfort of his home gym with an official overseeing the lift. From that moment, the fight was on! 

The fighters took to calling each other out early, each with their own predictions as to how the fight would turn out. The fight was originally set for September of 2021, but a detached bicep incurred by Hall during sparring pushed the fight to this month. Both have been training tirelessly for the past two years with a similar goal in mind… to knock the other out. 

The Mountain has been very open with his footage and training, whereas The Beast has been playing things close to the chest with only sparse footage available, making sure none of it is from his sparring sessions. The following images provide a breakdown of the differences between the two as well as the official poster for the fight. The fight can be watched for free exclusively on SegiTV.

I have followed both athletes’ careers for the past few years. I have rooted for them at various points, but at this venture, I am personally rooting for Britain’s Eddie Hall. Eddie is the underdog in this contest, but this I believe is because of his choice to not have public exhibitions prior to the fight, unlike Bjornson. There is a seven-inch height difference between the two with Bjornson standing at 6’9 and Hall standing at 6’2.

Bjornson has had three separate bouts prior to this match. Although his match against professional arm wrestler Devon Larratt ended in an early stoppage resulting in a win for Bjornson, Larratt had only five weeks to prepare for the fight and had limited movement available to him since his arms are locked in the posture to arm wrestle.

Hall, meanwhile, had both a harder upbringing and has admitted to being involved in fights prominently in his youth. Seeing Bjornson fight, I see how much even a jab hurts him and makes him shrink away out of fear of being hurt. This has led me to the belief that Bjornson will not be ready for the raw power behind Hall’s punches. 

Hall was at an event sponsored by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold’s Sports Festival UK) in Oct. of 2021; Hall delivered a punch to a punching bag machine where the machine measures the power of one’s punch. Hall broke the machine, and the festival was without one for the remainder of the weekend. 

Bjornson posted a video sometime after of him punching a lightweight pro boxer in the stomach. The fighter Teofimo Lopez barely reacts to the power behind Bjornson’s punch. I am not saying I would like to be punched by him myself, but when comparing the two, I say Hall will win the bout.

I will be watching the fight as I think this is a rare type of event that we don’t see very often. We have seen celebrities step into the ring with lukewarm results. These athletes are actually capable of knocking one’s block off, so I would say I am excited to see this match and hopefully, we get to see more unique matchups in the future.