Major Sports All Star Games, Why Are They Not Competitive 

John Bell, Courier Staff



As many of you may know, the NFL’s Pro Bowl took place this past weekend, with the skills competition happening in the afternoon hours of Friday, with the Pro Bowl game taking place Sunday. If you happen to watch the game or have seen the memes all across social media, you may have seen that the Pro Bowl was a joke this year.


Many of you may remember or have seen the hit that the late Sean Taylor put on Brian Moorman during the 2006 Pro Bowl game. Believe it or not, this year there were no big hits, heck, there was barely any tackling going on at all. It was like you were at a family party, playing a pick-up game of two-hand touch with your cousins. So it begs the question, why have the majority of major sports in North America slowly started to become non-competitive during their all-star games. 


It used to be an honor to be in the Pro Bowl every year, meaning that you were one of the best players in the entire world at your position, in your sport. Now, getting to the Pro Bowl and playing in the two-hand touch game seems to just be an extra game at the end of the year. For a bunch of guys to hang out, talk smack, and goof off with one another. Many people feel that the game is such a joke now, that they should get rid of it entirely and let the two worst teams in the league go head to head for the number one pick. Now there is an idea I could get behind, especially when a backyard football game is more entertaining than what I watched last night. 


Even the NBA has turned out to be a joke in recent years, it is a race for the first team to score 1000 points, or so it may seem. There is no defense, no hustle plays, it is just the league’s best players, voted on by the fans, playing in a pick-up basketball game. 


The NFL and the NBA have tried to make their All-Star weekends more valuable and sellable to the fans by adding the skills competitions that take place days before the actual game. In the NBA, they do the three-point contest and the dunk contest, which have been huge money makers and I feel they need to keep that going. As the NBA dunk contest might be the most-watched event besides the playoffs. The National Hockey League also has its own skills competitions and all-star game, but I feel that their game, as well as Major League Baseball, are far more competitive and fun to watch than the NBA and NFL. The MLB home run derby has been a treat to watch every summer. As the best hitters in baseball try to hit baseballs into oblivion for hours. 


Homeruns, trick shots, big hits, and slam dunks excite sports fans, boring all-star games do not. Something needs to be done to make the All-Star games more exciting and enjoyable for fans to watch, or the Major sports industry is going to start losing their tv deals and money trying to get these events out to the public.