Jake Paul Does It Again

Samuel Ogali, Courier Staff

Whether you like the guy, or don’t like the guy-or even hate his guts, you can’t deny that Jake Paul is a true force to be reckoned with. Last night, I watched the Triller Fight Club Boxing Special and tuned in to watch the highly anticipated match between Ben Askren and Jake Paul. Unlike Jake’s previous boxing matches, I thought this match would be much more competitive given the fact that Askren is a former MMA Champion, NCAA Champion, and Olympian. Even though Askren wasn’t a boxer, he was a REAL decorated fighter with an extensive background in wrestling, judo, and mixed martial arts. However, that ended up not being the advantage AT ALL for him.

The Triller Fight Club presentation seemed to be a combination of boxing and entertainment, with celebrity boxing matches and actual celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Pete Davidson commentating, Aside from that, the musical performances from the likes of Justin Bieebr and Doja Cat was pretty entertaining, as well. But the lead up to this fight seemed very unpredictable. Now, I’ve been following the YouTube boxing matches that started between Logan Paul and U.K. Youtuber KSI in 2018 and to see it culminate to Jake Paul actually fighting an actual fighter on a pay-per-view still seems amazing. Unlike his brother Logan, Jake has shown real talent and skill in the ring and has constantly proved the doubters and naysayers wrong, including myself. 

In his last fight, even though Jake had won his two previous boxing matches, those had been against YouTubers; and just like everyone I thought Nate Robinson would handily beat him. Robinson is an actual athlete and a three-time NBA Slam Dunk winner. However, I quickly learned that none of this translates to ACTUAL boxing and the more skilled and experienced boxer in Jake Paul gave Robinson a devastating knockout punch. From then on, I really started to take Jake seriously, and even though Askren is a decorated fighter in his own right, the footage that I was seeing of Askren compared to Jake just wasn’t convincing me that he had a chance, unless he was planning on going the distance.

This fight ended quickly and Jake Paul easily defeated Ben Askren with a right hand with only a few minutes into the first round, with the referee officially stopping it. Jake Paul  put on a decisive show and this time actually beat a combat fighter. Say what you want about Jake Paul, but in his three years of getting into boxing he’s sweeping his opponents in memeable fashion. Who would have thought several years ago that the guy making videos on Vine and YouTube would become one of the most talked about boxers in the world right now.