Monarchies are Ridiculous

Samuel Ogali, Courier Staff

When I first  heard about the anticipated interview between Meghan Markle and Prince with Oprah, I immediately had no interest in watching it because I honestly have zero interest in monarchies. I think they’re ridiculous and truly shouldn’t exist in the 21st century. Furthermore, when I saw a report that Harry and Meghan were going to make millions of dollars off one interview, it further justified my disdain for the British royalty.

Well, I ended up being wrong since they didn’t get paid whatsoever, but instead Oprah’s production company was paid by CBS and I ended seeing clips of the interview and honestly felt bad for Meghan. Whenever I heard conflicting things about her and the royal family, I honestly didn’t feel bad for her-she chose to marry into that family knowing all the publicity and scrutiny that came with it. However, after watching parts of the interview I really didn’t understand the extent of conflict she was enduring on a daily basis. 

When she explained how the institution wouldn’t allow her to keep her Instagram account, that to me seemed understandable, given her new role. Unfortunately, what really sucked about that was the fact that she didn’t have a platform to express herself and respond to accusations by the British tabloids that in many cases weren’t true or simply maurdaciured. She explained how the institution really didn’t defend that much and even asked to be 50 percent less of who she was. To me, that sounds like an unreasonable request to be half of who you are to please an outdated/ridiculous institution, that shoulndt even exist anymore-in my opinion. 

What really was eye opening was the treatment she received while she was pregnant with her son. Obviously Meghan is bi-racial (half black and white), but apparently people in the family were concerned if the baby would be born with a darker skin tone. After hearing that revelation, it didn’t really surprise me that a decades institution of all white people would think such a thing, but brazenly say it to her face is just something else. What really sucks is the fact that her son, Archie, won’t be given the title of “Prince”, like his cousins Prince George. Meghan didn’t outright, but alluded to race for being the reason, which the royal family immediately shot down as the reason.

The saddest moment from the interview is when Meghan admitted that she thought about ending her own life. With the constant negative coverage and isolation from the royal family, Meghan explained she was afraid to be left alone. After hearing that revelation, I honestly felt bad for always putting the blame on her just for marrying Prince Harry in the first place. Obviously, those comments aren’t productive and she’s who has really struggled with her mental health, which is a very serious issue. 

After watching parts of the interview I’ve got a whole new perspective on Meghan Markle. While I still think monarchies are ridiculous, it’s not fair to constantly criticize someone just because they married into one.