The Comeback Kid

Samuel Ogali, Courier Staff

If you were to ask me about golf, I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer on who my favorite golfers were or why I like the game. Honestly, golf hasn’t really been appealing to me, but there are few people who transcend their profession to become global icons. There’s Michael Jordan in basketball, Michael Phelps in swimming, and most definitely Tiger Woods in golf. I knew of Tiger Woods because he’s Tiger Woods, but didn’t truly understand his worldwide phenomenon until I watched his two-part HBO documentary a month ago.

Similar to Jackson in his youth, Woods has been playing golf since he was a toddler and was very much groomed by his father to become one of the best golfers one day. Woods’ dad coached him in golf throughout his life and made the sport his main focus, aside from school, throughout his entire childhood. This early push from his father brought Tiger’s focus, drive and commitment to golf, which is a factor that has resulted in certain people being successful.

Even though this documentary detailed the benefits of Woods’ constant determination, it also reviewed the pitfalls for it. As a result of his dad’s rigorous training, Woods really had to forgo being a kid. His ex-girlfriend in the documentary explained how strict his parents were and how Woods had never experienced life outside what his parents wanted. Unfortunately, in order to please his parents, Woods quickly ended his relationship with her with little explanation, and this method of quickly cutting people off was prevalent in Woods life even as an adult. 

But, most importantly, this documentary tackled Wood’s infidelity and the extreme lengths he would take to cover it up from his wife and the public. Woods’ team would pay off publications, in exchange for access. Even through all of this, Woods still didn’t stop the escapades until everyone found out the truth. From then on, Woods’ career and personal life started to decline. He suffered debilitating injuries which sidelined him from golf and was arrested while driving under the influence; as well as, unflattering footage being released of him in jail being intoxicated. 

Woods was easily counted out during this period and believed to be finished, but he made the ultimate comeback in 2019 when he won his fifth Masters. Soon thereafter, Woods was  awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Donald Trump. Everything in Woods’ life seemed positive since that moment; unfortunately, a few days ago, Woods’ life was put in jeopardy when he was involved in a car accident where the ‘Jaws of Life’ were used to remove him. Woods’ is now in good condition after the surgeries on his legs, but his golfing career remains uncertain at this point, but if there’s anyone who can defy the odds and make an epic comeback, it’s Tiger Woods.