Carve some time for you this month

Tea Wheat, Entertainment Writer

Let’s be honest, taking time out of your day for yourself feels impossible almost 100 percent of the time. Chances are that a lot of us who are involved during our time in college are over-involved. As full-time college students, we have enough time dedicated to classes to constitute as a job, which is why many times on employment forms we see “student” as an option. This is because a full time class load takes up the amount of time that a job may otherwise take. However, college is expensive, so many of us also take on different jobs. The recommended maximum number of hours for a college student to work a week on top of a full class schedule is 20 hours, however I know many people that have worked above 20 hours a week just to make ends meet while in college. While school is the primary reason we all attend college, and work is a secondary necessity for many for financial need and also growth of experience, the college experience doesn’t stop there! There are many social opportunities that we take part in such as different college organizations and events. When you think about your top three priorities of the day, do you think about school or organization work? Do you think about your job? Or, do you think about the time that you have set aside for yourself? If you are like many of the individuals that attend college, chances are that the latter is not your first choice or thought. 

When we set our weekly schedules we often do so with the expectations of class, classwork, clubs, organizations and work. However, the most important thing is probably what we throw to the back of our minds most often, and that thing is ourselves. Self care and stress management is a very important part of living a busy life, however it is the easiest thing to push off or forget to do for most of us. Even carving out just 10 minutes of time a day for yourself could change your quality of life remarkably. There has been a big push for self care in the past few years, and that is for a good reason. Mental and emotional self care can help us combat and avoid stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues. However, practicing self care goes much further than that. Studies have shown that self care can also improve physical and mental well being as well as emotional well being. Self care doesn’t need to take a lot of time either, it can look differently for everyone. While for some it may be meditation or going to the gym, for others it may be journaling before bed or eating healthier. It’s important to find what self care methods make you feel great and keep doing those things for yourself! 

This month, as Valentine’s Day rolls around and many are celebrating their love for others, take a moment and celebrate your love for yourself. Don’t stop at just one day of self love celebration, I encourage you to continue to carve out that time for self care every day to show yourself love daily.