The three most underrated Star Wars characters

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

When thinking of the Star Wars movies, it is common to think of the heroes, people like Luke, Leia and Han Solo. We also think of the villains like Darth Vader, the Emperor and Jabba the Hutt. The Star Wars films are packed with complex and impressive characters, many of which get overshadowed by the other more popular characters within the films. In my opinion, three Star Wars characters that were significantly underrated and overlooked were Count Duku, Chewbacca and Poe. If you have not seen all nine Star Wars films, this is your warning that there will be spoilers ahead.

In the prequel trilogy, there are many strong characters such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-gon Jinn and Annakin Skywalker, however, Count Duku was also an extremely impressive character that is easily overlooked in this film. To begin, Count Duku is extremely skilled with a lightsaber (or six), this is evidenced in Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones where he single-handedly defeated Obi-Wan and Annakin at the same time. This leads to my second point, that Count Duku was able to escape from and hide from the Jedi Order on numerous occasions. Additionally, it is important to note that without Count Duku there would not have been a Clone Army at all, as he was the one who initially put in the order for the Clones.

In the original trilogy, the characters that capture the most attention are characters such as Luke, Leia and Han Solo. While Chewbacca is alongside this dynamic trio through the trilogy, he is often seen as an extension of Han rather than his own character. The prequels allowed us to see Chewbacca in a pre-Han timeline. Long before Chewbacca meets Han and becomes the amazing duo that they are, Chewbacca fought alongside the Jedi and aided in victory many times. Chewbacca was a notably fearless character; a moment where Chewbacca was effortly fearless was when he helped Yoda to escape Order 66.

In the sequel trilogy, the focus often goes to characters such as Rey, Finn and Ben Solo. However, one character that the rebellion would not have been successful without is Poe. Poe is often overlooked among these characters because he does not have any ties to the force or to the first order. Poe was the best pilot in the rebellion, arguably a better pilot than Luke, especially when you dismiss the fact that Luke was strong with the force is taken out of the equation. When Leia joins the force in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker it is Poe who Leia entrusted to lead the rebellion in her place. Poe’s growth throughout the sequel trilogy is a large part of what makes him such a strong character. From being a smuggler, to at the end leading the rebellion, denotes the respect that Poe collected from the rebellion and his strength is not only his skills but also his leadership.

The Star Wars films are filled with countless numbers of minor characters that are often overlooked, however, these three characters were instrumental to the Skywalker saga. Without these three characters, the saga would not have unfolded and concluded in the way that it did.