The COVID-19 vaccine may not be for everyone

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

We have been living in a CO VID-19 world for almost an en tire year. It feels like it was just  yesterday that I came to the realization that this was going to  be a thing that would impact  the entire world. After almost  an entire year, there is finally a  vaccine that is available to the public. Not everyone has ac cess to it, but I know of several  healthcare workers and teachers who have had the opportunity to get the vaccine.  

There are several concerns  by the public on whether or  not the vaccine is safe enough  to take. I read an article that  stated that it normally can take  anywhere from five to 15 years  to develop a vaccine, and the  COVID-19 vaccine came out in  less than a year. I completely  understand how people may have concerns on whether taking the vaccine is safe or not,  simply based on how long it  took for it to come out. I personally have no interest in  getting the vaccine, especially  based on the fact that I have  already had COVID-19. I know  that they say you can contract  the virus again, but I have not  seen many cases of that and  that is why I am so okay with not getting the vaccine.  I understand that this vaccine  could potentially be the end  of Coronavirus and I could  be one of the many people who are preventing that from  ending. But, there are some studies that have talked about  some of the potential side effects and a big one is that it  can cause infertility in women. I am only 21 years old and  have not reached the point  in life where I want to start  a family, but when the time  comes I want to be able to have  that chance. If a vaccine took  that away from me, I would  be devastated.  

 So, what am I doing as a citizen who does not want to get  vaccinated? I am trying my hardest to follow social distancing guidelines. I am really great about washing my hands throughout the day and wearing my mask. I work at Hy-Vee, so I have to take great precautions there and it has carried over into my day today life. I want the Coronavirus to come to an end just as much as everybody else does, but I am not willing to get vaccine that did not take that long to create because who truly knows what the real side effects are. Later on down the road if I still have the option to get the vaccine because am considered to be a risk, may consider it again. But, think it would have to be several years in the future beforeI would decide that.