The Trump era is officially over

Samuel Ogali, Courier Staff

On Wednesday, the presidency of Donald J. Trump finally  came to an end, and in classic  Trump fashion, he skipped Joe  Biden’s inauguration to de part one last time as president  aboard Air Force One to Frank  Sinatra’s My Way. Trump, in  many ways, did do things his  way; he ignored traditions,  stirred conflict and constantly made news headlines that  made you scratch your head.  Despite that, because of Trump,  Americans are more politically  engaged than ever. 

 When Trump first announced his candidacy nearly six years  ago, I, like many others,  thought it was a joke. The host  of the Apprentice now wants  to be the president? But, as the  primary process began and  Trump started to gain more  traction, it dawned on me that  this man may actually win the  nomination and defeat Hillary  Clinton. When Trump did exactly that, things just felt completely unreal. 

 The Trump presidency to me  has felt like a reality show: ad visors turning on one another,  Trump firing people out of nowhere, politicians getting  caught off guard all the time.  Is this the way you should  run a government? Of course  not, but I can’t deny that it  was entertaining. In a matter of four years, Trump has  left a legacy and impact that  won’t simply be forgotten. Be cause of Trump, the topic of  immigration is more widely  addressed, with people focus ing their attention on DACA  recipients and how the fate of  citizenship in the U.S. needs  to be resolved, as well as how  Border Patrol and Immigration  Customs & Enforcements treat  illegal immigrants, especially children and the policy of  child separation.  

 The Trump presidency in particular highlighted the value of  the courts and how elections have consequences. As a result  of this, Trump and the Republican party have very much  reshaped the judiciary with  young, staunch conservatives,  especially with three new Supreme Court Justices. Any  controversial/partisan issue,  such as abortion or campaign  finance wouldn’t be surprising if it decided based on the  ideological make up of these  jurists that will most likey be on the bench for the next 30 to  40 years. 

 Throughout all these controversies, Trump has had some  bipartisan benefits. Criminal  justice reform under his ad ministration has been beneficial. Trump has commuted and  pardoned sentences of felons,  like Alice Johnson, who were  given extremely long sentences for low level crimes and advocated for the passage of the First Step Act, which gave felons the opportunity to be re leased from prison on account of permissible behavior. Trump also renegotiated NAFTA into a better trade deal among Mexico and Canada and brokered peace deals in the Middle East between Bahrain and Israel. 

 Whoever you ask, depending on their political ideology, will tell you favorable and unfavorable things about the Trump presidency. Throughout a pandemic, getting impeached twice and having both sides of congressional leadership condemn him for his insurrection on the Capitol comments, Trump has left a lasting impression in American politics that will be felt for decades.