The thrills Macomb has to offer

Tyler Moseberry , Courier Staff

Now that October has begun, we are getting even closer to Halloween! Of course, this means that costumes and candy will be in season, but also haunted houses.

Now, most of us have been trick or treating, and even more of us have probably dressed up for Halloween. That being said, very few go out to experience a haunted house due to the fear of haunted houses, but the older we get, a lot of these fears dwindle. Sometimes questions may arise whether the experience is worth it or not, and this is an inner battle to combat. Tackling it head-on is a great way to do something different this Halloween.

Now, many haunted houses leave a lasting impact in Illinois, but everyone does not want to travel that far. Western brings the thrills to campus by hosting their own haunted houses. Western has a haunted themed corn maze as well as a haunted house in Thompson hall.

Western also has a trick or treating event for kids between the ages of 2-12. Kids and family members are welcome to enjoy a safe trick or treating experience. All of these events are great ways to experience the spirit of Halloween without the hassle of traveling exceptionally far.

If traveling is not a problem, then the possibilities are almost endless. Haunted houses like the Basement of the Dead in Aurora which is one of the best-haunted houses in America. The experience is terrifc, from traveling up to Aurora to being in the haunted house.

Now, if haunted houses are still not appearing around Halloween, organizations hold parties that are sure not to disappoint. Most of the time, going to a party is a viable option because many people are guaranteed to attend the party, and for most people, parties are familiar territory compared to a haunted house. Parties can also be cheaper and closer than haunted houses, so people without transportation benefit as well. Not to mention, parties bring a lot of familiar faces.

All of these options are not about just doing something for the sake of not being bored, although that is a valid reason. The journey to get to the event or the experience during the event are memories that are cherished. While we are in college, we have to remember that school and education come first.

Enjoying the time in college and making connections or experiences will allow for the hard tests or teachers to not bother you as much. Having a stress reliever is essential and what better way to relieve that stress than on Halloween. Halloween is a time of nostalgia and fun, and that should not change just because we are

at a university.