Goodbye Chris, it’s “Bean” real

Christopher Bean, Sports editor

My name is Christopher Bean and I’m a first semester senior here at Western Illinois. I am finishing up my last semester as an editor here at the Courier. This is my fourth semester as an editor, three as Assistant Sports Editor and one as Sports Editor.

First off, I would like to thank Brad Piros who was the last Sports Editor before me. You taught me the ins and outs of this job and I can’t thank you enough. Also a special thanks to Dayne McElwee. You took over my Assistant role and quickly became the new Sports Editor. Thank you for learning on the fly, and I know you’ll make the sports section more entertaining than I did.

It has been a pleasure working here for almost two years in the office with all the coworkers I had the honor of putting together our school’s newspaper. Also, a special thanks goes to our advisor Will Buss, who always makes sure we have the tools to be successful.

Lastly, I would like to thank the two Editor-In-Chief’s I had the pleasure to look up to. Devon Greene and Rachel Greene. I can’t thank you enough for what both of you did for the office and this newspaper. You guys made it a fun work environment to be around, and I’ll never forget the fun times I’ve shared with you.

My time as a writer and editor has taught me a lot about myself. I never thought I would work for a newspaper, but writing for the sports section turned me into a better writer and even grew my passion for sports.

If you are looking to get more involved on campus or looking for a job, I would highly suggest the Western Courier because it changed my college