It’s okay to celebrate the holiday season early

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Every year as Halloween ends, it seems that more and more people are already starting to celebrate the holiday season. And it seems that every year, more and more people are vocal about why you can’t just start celebrating the holiday season until after Thanksgiving. But I agree with the first group; once Halloween ends, it should be the Yuletide season.

Now, I know that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, etc., but that shouldn’t mean I have to wait to start celebrating these holidays. I have the right to start celebrating whatever holiday I want to, whenever. I mean, there are towns across the United States that are known for celebrating Christmas the entire year. What’s the difference between an individual celebrating a specific holiday a month early, as opposed to an entire town celebrating a specific holiday the entire year?

Just because I want to start celebrating the holiday season early, doesn’t mean that I don’t stop to celebrate Thanksgiving when it is upon us. I enjoy Thanksgiving and treat it with respect when it’s time. But, Thanksgiving doesn’t have catchy and fun holiday music. It is a holiday that we Americans, and Canadians, set aside each year to celebrate the past year and harvest. But, since we have industrialized since the first Thanksgiving, the only people who really sit down and talk about how thankful they are for the past harvest are the farmers. These farmers are important, but the majority of people just eat food and don’t really reflect on all the things that happened in the past year.

A reason that the celebration of the holiday season earlier should become more normalized is because the day right after Thanksgiving turns into a mad rush in stores. Black Friday started out as a term for people who would shop in Philadelphia between the Thursday of Thanksgiving and the Saturday right after Turkey Day, when the Army-Navy football game would take place. Americans decided to take the term to a whole nother meaning, making it it’s own holiday across the country. People line up outside stores almost as soon as they’re done with their Thanksgiving dinner so that they can save some dollars on presents. If we are going to be at each other’s throats, fighting over an iPhone XII, while security is going to be trying to break us apart, then why don’t we just have Black Friday start the Friday after Halloween and have it last a month? This way deals stay around longer, there is less fighting and we can start to celebrate the holiday season earlier!

Ultimately, not everyone will want to celebrate the holiday season earlier. But, for those of us who love having some hot cocoa, baking Christmas cookies and decorating trees, I say we stand up for what we believe in. Let’s start celebrating Christmas, or whatever your holiday may be, sooner so that we can start to vibe with the season. We all know that the holiday season vibes hit differently.