Netflix holiday finds

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

As the holiday season is quickly approaching, Netflix has begun to drop some new holiday movies for viewers to enjoy. A wonderful stress reliever for myself is to watch some holiday movies, so this week I was able to check out two of the new additions to Netflix.

  The first movie that I was able to watch this week is “Holidate,” which is a new movie to 2020 and was released for the first time on Netflix Oct. 28. This movie was directed by John Whitesell and was based on a screenplay by Tiffany Paulsen. The movie follows a young woman in her 20s, played by Emma Roberts, through many holidays. It opens to a Christmas where Roberts’ character is the only one without a date in her family. Her aunt explains the concept of the “Holidate,” a date exclusively for a holiday with no strings attached. Soon after an awfully uncomfortable Christmas celebration, Roberts’ character runs into a handsome and single young man at the mall, played by Luke Bracey. The two quickly hit it off and soon after became each other’s “Holidate.” New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, 4th of July, the list goes on, but what could go wrong, right? Check out this cute romantic comedy to find out just exactly how those holidates end up.

  The second movie I had the opportunity to check out is also new in 2020, and is titled “Operation Christmas Drop.” This movie was released to Netflix on Nov. 5. Directed by Martin Wood and starring Kat Graham and Alexander Ludwig, this romantic comedy is surely one to see this holiday season. This film follows the congressional aide Erica, played by Graham, on an assignment to report on the happenings of an Air Force base. It is suspected that the base is using military equipment and funding to deliver toys, coined “Operation Christmas Drop.” On the base, Capt. Andrew Jantz, played by Ludwig, has the mission of keeping Erica from finding out the truth. When all else fails, Capt. Jantz can only hope that the good the base is doing for the local community can save them from being defunded, but it all relies on the report that Erica gives. Will Erica find that there is more than meets the eye at this military base? And will she be able to keep her boss from defunding the base?

 Both of these films currently have three out of five star ratings on IMDb which, as quite predictable romantic comedies, I feel that is a fair rating. However, if you are someone that enjoys romantic comedies, especially of the holiday season Hallmark variety, I suggest checking out these two films. They are both very different in content, but are great new options for this holiday season. So, put on your favorite festive pajamas and fuzzy blanket, grab some hot coco and hop onto Netflix where you can find both of these new films!

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