Joe Biden Selected as 46th President of the United States

Samuel Ogali , Courier Staff

A week ago, I said that I believed that Joe Biden would be elected as the next President of the United States. I admitted that I didn’t think he was a strong candidate and even preferred others during the democratic primary process because of his past support of the Iraq War and 1994 Crime Bill, along with his decades in Washington D.C. But, when matched with the prospects of facing Donald Trump during a once in a lifetime global pandemic and civil unrests, I believed Biden had all the cards in his favor to make Trump a one-term president, and he did exactly that.

Before the pandemic, I thought Trump was in a good position to get re-elected; the economy was pretty good, he had signed breakthrough criminal justice reform in the First Step Act, as well as, renegotiated NAFTA like he said he was going to do, and most importantly had over a 90 percent approval rating among the Republican party. Trump had a record that he could convincingly run on and the Democrats really didn’t have a strong candidate that seemed likely to stand up to him. And then Coronavirus happened. Life as we knew it quickly and dramatically changed; everyone was being told to stay home and avoid unnecessary contact with people, and just like that, the record that Trump had to help him get re-elected was quickly brushed aside during this pandemic.

How George W. Bush handled the Sept. 11 attacks and showed true leadership, thus garnering over a 90 percent approval rating, Trump could’ve done that same thing with the Coronavirus, thus cementing his chances of re-election. However, Trump resorted to calling it the “China virus” and constantly made missed opportunities to publicly show true leadership for everyone to get behind. Biden took this opportunity and showed the complete opposite, thus making his chances of securing the nomination and beating President Trump more likely.

Trump’s refusal to wear a mask, continue to have his large rallies, as well as make contentious rhetoric after the death of George Floyd really just sunk any chances he had of securing a dominant path to re-election. Biden did not have an inspirational message like Barack Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ of 2008 or even Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ of 2016, but he just displayed true leadership and maturity that was needed in a time of crisis. Biden stepped up to the occasion, in which Trump was just incapable of.

Now, after days of waiting, Biden was projected as the 46th President of the United States Saturday morning, along with Kamala Harris becoming the first woman and woman of color to be Vice President of the United States. Trump completely missed his George W. Bush moment and, even in defeat, still refuses to concede or even show any acknowledgement of leadership. Biden is not a strong candidate by any means, but due to our current president’s inability to show true leadership during this crisis, was just the right person at the right time.