The GLACURH Regional Leadership Conference of 2020

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Each year, Western Illinois University attends the Great Lakes Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls Regional Leadership Conference. This conference is also commonly referred to as GLACURH RLC. GLACURH is a subregion of NACURH, the National Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, and supports the states and provinces of Michigan, Ontario, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. The GLACURH regional leadership conference is attended by many schools from within the region. This year, the conference was virtual, but that did not stop Western Illinois University from giving this conference their all.

Western Illinois University sends a delegation made up of National Residence Hall Honorary members (NRHH), Inter-Hall Council members (IHC) and other students who apply to attend the conference each year. The delegation is selected and led by Communications Coordinators from NRHH and IHC. Communication Coordinators spend the conference time in a business meeting, voting on various pieces of legislation and awards. This year, our Communications Coordinators were Téa Wheat and Sarah Kalbrier. The delegation this year was advised by full time Complex Director and Advisor of NRHH, Chuck Stock, with the assistance of Graduate Advisors Mariah Slaughter and Arianna Nutile. This year’s delegation members were Brooke Barnes, Jazzy Hennessee, Jon’a Levi, Katlynn Davis, Morgan Knutsen, Rivers Ashton, Sadie Nickles and Skylah Richardson.

At the GLACURH Regional Leadership Conference, delegates participated in a variety of different programs throughout the weekend, to assist in their own leadership development and to bring ideas for programs back to Western Illinois University. This year, the Western Illinois University delegation had two individuals who presented programs at the GLACURH Regional Leadership Conference. Barnes presented a program titled “Navigating Amongst Ourselves,” themed around the current Among Us game, focused on how to navigate self doubt and leader’s own internal maps. Katlynn Davis presented a program titled “Yoga for Success,” which focused on how yoga can be a beneficial practice for one’s overall success and wellbeing. “Navigating Amongst Ourselves,” presented by Barnes, was named one of the top six programs presented at GLACURH Regional Leadership Conference.

Going into the conference, delegations have the opportunity to bid for different awards. This year, the Western Illinois University delegation bid for three awards, which were: Advisor of the Year – Chuck Stock, NRHH Member of the Year – Brooke Barnes and NRHH Outstanding Chapter of the Year – Caroline E. Grote Chapter of NRHH. For the second year in a row, the Caroline E. Grote Chapter of NRHH was named the Outstanding Chapter of the Year for the GLACURH region, which is the highest honor a NRHH Chapter can receive within the region. The bid writer for the NRHH Outstanding Chapter of the Year bid was Téa Wheat with the help and assistance of advisors Chuck Stock and Mariah Slaughter.

A big part of the conference experience is spirit, and the Western Illinois University delegation brought it all! Under the spirit category, the delegation won awards for: Best Roll Call Video from a small institution (edited by Chuck Stock), Best Social Media Engagement from a small institution and the Overall Most Spirited Delegation Award.

Some other recognitions and awards that Western Illinois University received this year at the Regional Leadership Conference: Jon’a Levi and Rivers Ashton were selected by the GLACURH conference staff as two delegates that went above and beyond, and were awarded stickers for this. Western Illinois University was also recognized for it’s Of the Month, or OTM regional winners. These included, Advisor – Chuck Stock, Residential Community – Thompson Hall and Residential Community – Thompson Hall. The writers of these awards were Tea Wheat, Chuck Stock and Marcus Sweeten.

Overall, the Western Illinois University delegation had a phenomenal time at GLACURH Regional Leadership Conference 2020, and brought the Leatherneck spirit with them. It is clear that these students and staff members bleed Purple and Gold through and through!