Halloween allows for new identities

Wendy Hernandez, Courier Staff

Halloween week is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year. Many people began to plan their costumes for Halloween during the summer, especially if they are trying to find deals on clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. The thing about planning ahead is that they might switch up their original plan if they decide to follow the latest trend.

Euphoria was one of the most popular TV shows of the summer. A specific character named Maddy made a bold outfit statement that made everyone want to recreate her iconic look. The outfit consisted of a two piece bra top with a pair of legging that had slits on the hip. Of course, if you have TikTok you might just know what I am talking about since another popular trend was to do a euphoric makeup look where you add glitter and gemstones around your face. TV shows have a huge impact on what people decide to wear for Halloween, which makes it easy and affordable, especially if you shop at the thrift store to find the bare essentials.

   Not only do you see people recreating movie and TV show characters, but you also see people recreating artist looks. You see people dressed as SixNine, The Weeknd, Kodak Black, etc. The thing I find funny about this is that you see celebrities themselves dress up as other music artists, and many of these actors and artists dress up as their idols or friends, who are of course famous.

  Halloween is also one of the holidays that encourages men and women to dress up and feel as sexy and confident as they would like. Although, a holiday should not stop them from feeling like that all year round. It is difficult when negative comments are thrown out like there is no tomorrow. That is why Halloween is one of the most appreciated holidays of the year.

  One of the things that caught my attention was the photo Kylie and Kendall uploaded, where they are recreating their Halloween costume of when they were kids. Seeing the side by side just shows how the years go by fast and how fast we grow up. Recreating family photos is a very unique costume but it is also very sentimental.

Halloween gives everyone the freedom to express themselves and show how creative they can be. Especially since the whole world was basically in quarantine for a good five months. TikTok made it very easy for people to start developing new skills such as gem stoning, thrift flipping and sewing. Even though COVID-19 might have made things challenging, many still tried to make the best of the situation and get as creative as they possibly could.

  At the end, it is always fun to see everyone’s posts and seeing what they were during Halloween week. Especially since it helps us figure out what we want to be for next year. And that is when the early planning begins.