Nightmare on Elting street

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

When it came to entertainment for Halloween this year, there were not as many options as normal because of the pandemic. Most Haunted Houses were not open, Pumpkin Farms are a good drive away, and overall the Spooky-Season Spirit was down in the town of Macomb.

 However, this did not stop the Delta Upsilon Fraternity from conducting their annual Haunted Trail. On a typical year, Delta Upsilon decorates both the interior and exterior of their Fraternity house for the event. The Haunted Trail would begin in the house and after individuals have completed the indoors haunted house, they would then enter the outdoor Haunted Trail, which runs through the woods behind the Fraternity House.

This year posed a new challenge for Delta Upsilon, as the indoor portion of the Haunted Trail was no longer a safe or viable option due to the pandemic. However, rising to the occasion, this Fraternity worked hard to adapt the Haunted Trail to be longer on the outside trail than it had been in the past. Delta Upsilon also worked diligently to ensure that all who came were wearing masks and keeping distance, which involved lowering the group size to 4 people through the Haunted Trail at a time. Whie this made the event more safe for all attending, it also added to the scare-factor.

  The men of Delta Upsilon Fraternity coined the name “Nightmare on Elting Street” to advertise the event, which was extremely fitting.The Haunted Trail Event was held on Oct. 23rd and 24th this year, and was one of the most successful Halloween entertainment options that I have seen this season near the University. More so than being a great entertainment event in Macomb, this event is also for a wonderful cause. All proceeds from this event went toward the Global Service Initiative. The Global Service Initiative helps to buy resources for Delta Upsilion Fraternity brothers to go to Jamaica to participate in building schools for children in need. This year the men of the WIU Delta Upsilion Fraternity raised $1,400 to donate to the Global Service Initiative.

“We were initially worried about how the Trail would go this year,” said DU President Christopher Gibson. “After introducing the interior portion of the Trail last year and seeing how well it was received, we weren’t sure that we were going to be as successful without it. But, thanks to the hard work of our VP of External Relations, Mason Kaczmarek, this was acually our most successful Trail in the last five years! Thank you to everybody who came out and supported us!”

 Hopefully, the chapter will be able to use the inside portion of the Trail once again, but either way I highly recommend attending. The men of Delta Upsilon put a lot of effort into the Trail, so that they can raise money for a good cause. I know when I went through I was highly impressed with it and I know many others were as well! So, if you missed the frightful entertainment and philanthropy event this year, make sure to check it out next year!