Vote, but don’t forget yourself

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

November 3rd is quickly approaching, and as election day draws near, there are some things to keep in mind. No, I am not here to write a political piece on what candidate you should vote for, however, I am here to tell you that you should vote. As undergraduate college students, this is likely the first election that you are able to vote in, and quite literally the future of our nation depends on each vote cast. Even if you have never voted before, if you don’t care about politics or if you are just nervous about going to the voting polls, remember how important it is to vote.

While it is important to vote this week, once you have voted and everything is said and done with your process in voting, there is one more thing that you need to do. Take care of yourself. As though a pandemic was not enough stress and anxiety already happening this year, an election on top of it all only increases that stress that exists. With Mail-in-Ballots being so common during this election due to the pandemic, it is likely that we will not know the winner on election day. This adds additional stress, which is important that we all manage as muchas possible!

This week there are many events that are occurring on campus to aid in relieving stress and anxieties that relate to not only everyday life, but also the added tension that an election brings. One organization that is doing something for Election Day stress is the National Residence Hall Honorary. On election day, on-campus students can pick up a bag of chalk from their respective front desks. This chalk is to be used to chalk positive messages around campus to remind them that they are valid, loved and seen. The National Residence Hall Honorary will also be partnering with Thompson Hall Government to provide Stress Ball DIY bags throughout the week to residents. Keep an eye out for more events throughout the week to help you rest and relax.

Some other ways to take care of yourself include journaling, taking a walk, meditating and practicing other stress relief mechanisms! Everyone is different with what helps them relax, and you know yourself and what you need better than anyone else. So, whether it’s yoga or watching a funny television show, make sure to take some time for yourself this week.

It is also important to note that the University Counselling Center is a wonderful place to visit to relieve stress and to talk with someone. Appointments can be made via phone call, however there are crisis appointments available if you are in crisis at any time and need additional support. The University Counseling Center will also be holding processing groups throughout the week. For more information on this, check your WIU email or reach out to the University Counseling Center.

As election week continues, make sure not only to vote but to take care of yourself as well!