Why Joe Biden will win

Samuel Ogali , Courier Staff

As I’m writing this article, the election is five days away and in all honesty, I’m so over seeing these political ads online and having people call and text nonstop about candidates. With everything that’s taken place this year, the election just seems like the cherry on top of guaranteed excitement and uncertainty, depending on who you think will eventually win on Election Day.

After looking at everything that’s taken place over the last six months and the consistent polling going in favor of Joe Biden, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up winning the presidency. Now, if you’re someone who supports the president, I’d understand your skepticism at such a statement like that, but whether you like Trump or not, you have to be realistic with the numbers that have come out showing that Biden has consistently had a lead of even double digits that Hillary Clinton never even came close to in 2016.

I understand what people must be thinking: everyone said Hillary was going to win, the polls said Hillary was beating Trump, Trump never had a chance. Well, unfortunately, they were wrong and Trump did have a chance. The only difference is, the Real Clear Politics average had Hillary only leading by an average of three points, well within the margin of error. That margin of error proved to be crushing to Hillary in states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that gave Trump the electoral advantage, even though Hillary won the popular vote.

But that was 2016, and this is 2020: the year of a once-in-a-lifetime worldwide pandemic and civil unrest. The Coronavirus was not President Trump’s fault, but his response to it has been anything but flattering, and when you add his responses to the civil unrest in cities across the nation, Trump has only appealed to his solid base of supporters. Being an incumbent president by default makes everything fall into your hands, and Trump has honestly been disappointing.

On the other hand, Biden has been “presidential.” He’s taken the Coronavirus seriously by urging everyone to wear a mask instead of disparaging them, he’s been cautious of large gatherings that defy CDC guidelines, and he’s done an effective job of speaking to people who have been emotionally and financially crushed as a result of the pandemic. Biden has shown true empathy.

The only criticism I have of him is the fact that he mostly wants to stay in his basement at his home in Delaware. As president, that’s just not sustainable.

However, even though I strongly believe Biden will be victorious, the only way I see Trump having any way of making a comeback is through his positioning on the economy. Just today it was announced that the GDP record had reached a shattering 33.1 percent. If Trump effectively makes this about the economy in the final days and how he is best positioned to bring the U.S. out of the pandemic, he could very well get re-elected. But, I honestly think it’s too late for that.

Overall, while I do believe Biden isn’t the strongest candidate, I still think he’s well positioned to win come next Tuesday. However, if Trump defies the odds again, I’ll be the first to say that I was wrong.