Get involved in Hall Government

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

It is evident that being involved throughout your college career is extremely important. We have learned that those who are involved tend to perform better in class, sporting a noticeably higher GPA than those who are not involved. My own first involvement here at Western Illinois University was through Hall Government.

Hall Government is an organization established for each complex on campus: Thompson Hall, Lincoln/Washington/Grote Halls and Corbin Olson Halls. Hall Government is a sounding board for residents, it is an open and inclusive place where residents can express their concerns and ideas and be heard. Each Hall Government is connected by Inter-Hall Council, an organization for all different complexes to come together and discuss issues, plan events and to share what is happening in their respective buildings. Each Hall Government has a certain number of individuals that represent their organization at Inter-Hall Council, however, all are invited to attend and participate.

“I joined Hall Government because I wanted to challenge myself during my freshman year. Because of this decision to join Hall Government, I have been able to make great connections and have been able to truly make in my residence hall complex,” Megan Orsini shared with me on why Hall Government is so important to her. Megan began her leadership journey in Hall Government last year as a general member before soon becoming the Secretary. This year, she has stepped up as the President of the organization. Lincoln/Washington/Grote Hall Government Vice President, Elizabeth Orwig, shared “I joined Hall Government because I wanted to make a difference where I lived. By participating in Hall Government and other leadership positions on campus, I have grown my leadership greatly. I feel I am a much better listener, more organized and better able to work with others. I encourage all students to be involved in at least one organization on campus, they will not regret it!”

Lincoln/Washington/Grote Hall Government has been hard at work this year. Their executive board, composed of extremely passionate leaders from throughout the complex, has been working nonstop to make their community better for the residents in it. Some things that the executive board has been working toward include addressing dining concerns, creating engaging programs and increasing attendance at Hall Government as a whole.

Lincoln/Washington/Grote Hall Government plans to hold an open forum soon with a representative from dining services to address some ongoing questions that students have had. The members of the Lincoln/Washington/Grote executive board have planned a wonderful event for Halloween, which will be a two-night movie event. The movies will be played via Netflix Party, to respect the procedures for COVID-19. In addition to addressing concerns and creating wonderful events, the executive board has been working to find more ways to engage residents in Hall Government. Lincoln/Washington/Grote Hall Government will be playing games at their meetings now with potential prizes for those who win! Some game ideas that the executive board has are Kahoot and Among Us.

No matter what complex you may live in, I highly suggest checking out your Hall Government. It is a place for your voice to be heard and your concerns and ideas to be met. Hall Government takes place on Mondays at 7 p.m., talk with your Resident Assistant about where Hall Government is for your building!