Why we need a Spring break

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

For as long as I can remember, spring break has been a time that students went on trips to get away from the chaos of school. It is a time to celebrate the nice weather and have time to get away from the exams, papers and homework before the semester ends. As a lot of people know, Western has cancelled spring break for the spring 2021 semester. As a senior, I am sad because I had to change my plans and because I already know that I am going to need a break at that time. I think that, for our sake as students, we should still have a spring break, but there needs to be restrictions on it.

I think that the purpose behind cancelling spring break is to keep students from catching COVID-19 and bringing it back with them after break. This makes complete sense, but I think that there are other ways to keep students safe other than cancel spring break all around. A few ways that Western could keep students safe is by putting restrictions on them after break. All classes could be remote for the two weeks after the break would end. This way, students who chose to travel would already be secluded from other students on campus and it would keep everyone protected. Another thing that the university could do to ensure student safety would be to check temperatures and monitor their students closely for two weeks after break.

When we came to school for the beginning of fall semester, there were temperature checks, daily check-ins and quarantine rules. I simply do not understand how this is any different than coming back to school after winter break. Students are going to travel to see family and friends because it is in their plans already or because it is the only time they have to do it. So, with that being said, I think that the school has already been doing a fantastic job of keeping their students safe and reducing the ways that people can catch Coronavirus. Keeping the same rules and regulations in place will ensure that the students of WIU will be safe, even after their spring break.

I believe that it is important to let us have a spring break this year, especially because it has been beyond exhausting for students and staff to learn how to get used to complete online learning. Having a spring break would mean a break for all of us, and I would say after the long year we have all had, it would be something rewarding and refreshing for everyone.