A deeper dive into the Holmes family

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

As the weather turns colder, I have taken to Netflix to find new engaging and fun movies to enjoy. Most recently, I have found the movie, Enola Holmes. This movie follows Enola, Sherlock Holmes’ youngest sibling, through a grand and mysterious adventure.

The movie begins with Enola riding her bicycle to the train station to meet her older brothers, Sherlock and Mycroft, after her mother disappeared on her 16th birthday. Determined to find her mother, Enola evades her brothers, who wish to send her to boarding school, and hops on a train bound for London. While boarding the train, Enola noticed a ruckus on the boarding platform. A mother was searching for her son, who happened to be Marquess of Basil Weather. While the boy was nowhere to be found, Enola soon found that she was not the only one running away from something.

While sitting in her cabin on the train, a mysterious suitcase soon began to shake, and suddenly a boy around Enola’s age popped out. She soon found that this was the son of the woman that was on the platform. The Marquess of Basil Weather, Viscount Tewkesbury, explained that he needed help hiding. Enola denied his request and told him to leave the cabin, however, she soon found out that there was a man trying to murder Viscount. An unlikely friendship, that of Enola and Viscount, however together they jumped off the train and headed toward safety in London.

Once in London, the two decided to go their separate ways, and Enola took on a new disguise. Dressed as a boy at first, she now decided to dress like a lady in order to fool her brothers, who see her only as an animal due to her lack of lady-like manners.

It was not long before the man who was hunting Viscount found her, and attempted to murder Enola. However, quick on her feet, she was able to outthink the huntsman and escape. Determined to solve the mystery that the Viscount presents, Enola sets out to find him and solve the case!

If you have enjoyed watching some of the more recent Sherlock films, then this Netflix film is for you. I enjoyed this film so much. It has such a talented cast with the likes of Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter, which is what initially drew me in. But, after starting it I realized that Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown was the real star and is quite the young women’s role model in the film. Quite like her older brother Sherlock, Enola has such a sharp mind and notices things that I only wish I could. It gives a nice twist on the Holmes’ family and breathes fresh air.

If you haven’t watched this film yet, then grab some popcorn and some friends, and get comfy. With Brown leading the way in this star-studded cast, this film will have you laughing, thinking and on the edge of your seat as Enola races to solve the mystery!