Crocs are the new drip

Wendy Hernandez, Courier Staff

As many have seen, Crocs have become an essential to everyone’s closet. The Croc hype started last summer when everyone started obsessing over Hydro Flask and scrunchies. Due to the fact that they are still on trend, Crocs has been releasing new patterns and colors ever since. But the most popular thing Crocs has been doing is collaborating with popular artists and creators. For example, they recently dropped a collaboration with one of the most popular reggaeton artists named Bad Bunny. Crocs announced the collaboration with him a week before the release date and the day of Sept. 29, the Crocs were sold out within the first hour. Many fans that were waiting with multiple devices on and did not get the Crocs were upset. Because they sold out right away and only men sizes were available, they are now finding ways to shrink the crocs since they are a size 13 in men. There have been multiple people on TikTok giving tips just to help those who are eager to own a pair.

I know there are people out there who believe that Crocs are the most hideous pair of shoes there could ever be on this earth, but collabs such as the one by Grateful Dead x Crocs is what makes the hype worth it.

The next upcoming collaboration that will also be sold out within the first hour is the collab that drops on Oct. 13, 2020 with Justin Bieber. Based on the promotional pictures that have been released, the clog Crocs are yellow with Jibbitz that represent Bieber’s brand Drew. Although these do not glow in the dark like the ones Bad Bunny released, many hype beasts will still order the max capacity at check out so they could make a profit out of it once they attempt to sell them at a popular page named StockX. Croc collabs might just be like the other crocs, but the brand knows how to influence their audience. Just like Hollister has collabed Charli D’amelio with jeans because they know how big of an audience she has, they know their jeans will be bought. That is exactly how it is with Crocs shoewear.

The thing about Crocs is that it is a fun way to express who you are based on the way you decorate your Crocs. There are many Jibbitz to choose from, such as numbers, letters, sport decals, animals, etc. Because of that, it is popular among friend groups to get matching Crocs. Although I personally do not like the Jibbitz, I believe that even the color of Crocs you wear shows what type of person you are. For example, my vibrant tie dye Crocs are a good way of showing that I am a big fan of tie dye.

Although Crocs might look funny when they are being worn, they complete an outfit. Crocs have been around for years and will continue to be around. If you believe you will not fall into the bandwagon, you will.