Celebrating Halloween During a Pandemic

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

As we all know, 2020 has been quite the year. We have experienced the death of Kobe Bryant, Black Lives Matter protests, the impeachment of our president, West Coast wildfires and many more events all while in the middle of a global pandemic. Our summer trips were cancelled and we have been under lockdown for about seven months now. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to be able to celebrate something. Luckily, Halloween is among us and I think that it is the perfect holiday to celebrate during this crazy time. There are so many opportunities to stay safe this Halloween season, and I personally want to take advantage of this time.

  It is extremely easy to follow the rules of social distancing during Halloween time. There are so many costume ideas that can have masks incorporated into them, such as a nurse or a doctor. Obviously there are so many other options, but there are ways to stay safe, even in your costume. Socially distancing is something that we are all used to doing by now, and I do not think that it is an impossible task to continue this Halloween season.

A lot of younger kids enjoy trick or treating and it is a tradition that can be continued. If you plan to partake in trick or treating, there are plenty of ways to stay safe. First, people who plan to hand out candy, please wear your mask when trick or treaters come to your door. Some children may be too small to wear a mask but if you want to see all of the children in their costumes, then wearing your mask and washing your hands frequently will help keep them safe. The next piece of advice I have is for people who are not necessarily comfortable with giving out candy but still want to participate in the Halloween spirit.

For some people, the global pandemic is terrifying because they have underlying health issues that could cause them to catch the virus and not be able to fight it off. I completely understand and respect these people’s concerns, but that does not mean they have to miss out on the Halloween fun. Decorating your yard and leaving a candy bowl out for trick or treaters is an easy way to stay involved in the fun. You are still able to get in the spirit even if you aren’t directly involved.

The most important thing this Halloween season is to make sure that you are staying safe and taking the proper precautions. With there being an opportunity to actually celebrate a holiday, I hope that people will take advantage of the time. It has been a crazy year and I think that Halloween is the best time to kind of have a bit of normalcy. Everyone who chooses to participate in the season will hopefully stay safe and protect themselves as well as others.