Fall farmer’s market in the square

Sara Remar, Photo Editor

There’s nothing like a Farmer’s Market to start off the Fall Season in Macomb. On Saturday, vendors came from the surrounding area to showcase their goods and talents. Among these vendors was a beekeeper, a group of college students from the theater department at WIU and a complementary trolly ride, drawn by horses.

This crisp Saturday morning brought together families and neighbors for some COVID-friendly fun, reminding us that we are still all in this together. Taking a closer look at the vendor stands, you will find homemade baked goods. In addition, there were turkey bacon flavored cookies that any pup would enjoy. The weekly farmer’s market is great for the small business owners of Macomb, and a great opportunity for those starting out to gain experience with sales. A group of three students of Western Illinois University’s theater program set up a table full of their own creations. One student had sewn together pillows shaped like pumpkins. The same student also created abstract halloween-themed art pieces. Another student had created collages of vintage and modern photographs from Playboy magazines. The third student handcrafted necklaces with a crystal pendant. Next to their stand was a tent set up with an assortment of products containing a main ingredient of honey. This stand had pure honey, chapstick, lotions and other products. These products were created by the honey collected from the beekeeper running the stand.

After perusing the art, smelling the sweet honey and trying the delicious baked goods, there was a horse-drawn trolly available for rides around the square. The trolly was drawn by two beautiful horses that seemed to be proud to drive everyone around. The square was alive with energy and friendly faces. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the safe, socially distant market in the square.