Russell Wilson deserves his first MVP

Christopher Bean, Sports editor

Russell Wilson is the best player in the NFL. Yes, I said it. I know Patrick Mahomes may be the most talented, but what Wilson has done over his career and in the first four games of the season has proved that he is the best player in the league.

Mahomes may have the better overall team, but Wilson has taken over this team and the league. With the “Legion of Boom” no longer in Seattle, the Seahawks now rely on Wilson and the offense. With one of the worst defensive lines in the NFL, the Seahawks have scored 31 or more points in all of their games. Wilson held the league record, throwing the most touchdowns in the first three weeks of the season with 14 and breaking Mahomes’ 2018 record when he won the MVP. Wilson’s performances in Weeks 2 and 3 against the Patriots and Cowboys led to his historic performances when he threw for five touchdowns in back-to-back games.

Wilson now has 16 touchdowns, 1,285 passing yards, 75.2 completion percentage and 82.8 QBR. Wilson has thrown for over 300 yards in three games and 288 yards against the Patriots. However, in his game against the Patriots, Wilson had his highest QBR at 88.0. He had his lowest QBR, 68.7, last week against the Dolphins where he threw for a year-high 360 yards.

It’s crazy to think that the nine-year veteran has never once received an MVP vote. He’s thrown 30 or more touchdowns in four of the previous five seasons. He’s already over the halfway point and the season is only a quarter of the way through. He’s on pace for 64 touchdowns and over 5,00 yards passing.

With his second-year rising superstar wide receiver DK Metcalf and former First Team All-Pro Tyler Lockett, Wilson has never had better weapons in his life. Metcalf has 403 receiving yards and three touchdowns, while Lockett has 298 yards and four touchdowns. They are also on pace for monster years and may be the best wide receiving duo in the league.

Wilson has made a career of making everyone around him better, even when he wasn’t at his best. His whole career he’s had a weak offensive line and an inconsistent throwing game due to the lack of weapons. Not anymore. Along with Metcalf and Lockett, the Seahawks traded for Pro Bowl left tackle Duane last year and have running back Chris Carson whose been productive if he can stay healthy.

Now that Wilson has more pieces, he’s been tearing the league up. He’s on pace for the best season in league history, and don’t be surprised when he wins his first ever NFL MVP.