Reading is superior to watching movies

Tyler Moseberry, Courier Staff

We all know someone that claims to enjoy a piece of literature over a film. I have to agree with those people, and I will explain why. Before continuing, I have to admit that a book and reading, in general, is limited to a certain amount of realism that film has, and in that way, film can seem superior. Although, my argument will not change in the slightest and I shall still take the side of the written word.

When someone is reading something, whether they mean to or not, the person takes in the tone that the author is writing in. So, as long as the reader is engaged, they can enjoy the information and storytelling without the distraction of an annoying voice, ugly design or other distracting visuals and audio that come with a film. If you have ever read a book then saw that book adapted into a film or a show, you probably were disappointed to some degree by the way the director interpreted the source material. This happenes because your inner thoughts and opinions on the material do not align with the director. Since you have no say in the making of the film or show, you are bound by the reality in front of you.

It is also important to mention that the author must be adept at explaining, conveying and building a scene that allows the reader to understand and visualize the material being read. A book can be bad just like a film could be bad. Poor writing is very easy to come by and is a skill that very few master. Take The Avengers movies for example. I personally enjoyed all the films, but another individual may not like how one of the characters was interpreted or simply the actor voicing the superheroes. Not to mention, the superhero realm is one that is enveloped with turns and alternate scenarios, so a director has a lot of source materials to sift through.

I believe that anyone and anything will be criticized, but writing, in my opinion, will have less backlash because there is room for interpretation. That is why whenever you are in an English class, they constantly ask you to expand on the meaning of the text because everyone has an individualized opinion based on their personal experiences. Writing is a delicate thing and those who take the time to read and understand the feeling of being enveloped in it. The film should not be ignored or disregarded because it has its place and amplifies all of the things I expressed with reading. Although, it was only possible with the effort, the care and patience of an author that was willing to convey a story through their words.

A foundation is always needed when creating something, whatever that may be, and reading is no different. Everyone may not be interested in reading multiple pages, but remember that those pages may be a part of something you took for granted.