The pros and cons of having a Starbucks in Macomb

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

Being the avid Starbucks lover that I am, I’m so happy to say that Macomb is home to not one, but two Starbucks locations. I spend entirely too much of my money buying Starbucks on a weekly basis, but lately I have been wondering if my money should be spent elsewhere. The city of Macomb is also home to three locally owned coffee shops that provide just as many drink and snack options that Starbucks does. I think that there are pros and cons to having both local coffee shops and nation wide coffee shops in this town, but the real question is, which is the better choice?

Starbucks is a nationally recognized company that has been around since the 1970’s. It all started in Seattle, Washington and grew from there. Now, present day, there are over 30,000 locations that are operated in 70 different countries. This just shows how well known the company of Starbucks truly is. Having and purchasing coffee from the Starbucks in Macomb has many perks, such as the reward system they offer. If you pay through the app on a cellular phone, you can earn “stars” and it unlocks free things such as drinks, snacks and even merchandise. With Macomb being such a small town, I think it is a blessing that we also get to have Starbucks. I come from a town that is pretty small and it takes me almost 25 minutes to arrive at a Starbucks. I would say that it brings a lot of people from surrounding towns to the area as well. While there are pros of getting coffee at Starbucks, the biggest con is that it takes away revenue from the locally owned coffee shops that we have in town.

I can think of three small coffee shops that Macomb has: The Study, Sullivan Taylor Coffee House and Bold Brew House. I am sure that these small businesses are getting some sort of revenue from the people of Macomb, but I do not think it is nearly as close as to how many people shop at Starbucks. There is a huge pricing difference in these places and that means something for a broke college student like myself. Shopping locally is extremely important, especially to the small city of Macomb. Everyone always talks about how there is nothing here to do or places to go eat, but supporting small businesses like these coffee shops is what makes Macomb a unique place. When we shop local, we are supporting people who have lived here and worked extremely hard to make their home a better place. We are supporting them and the city where we go to school.

  Overall, I think that I will personally start giving the local coffee shops in Macomb a try instead of going to Starbucks. I have come to recognize the importance of shopping locally in the town that supports my school. Of course, I am always going to love Starbucks, but after this year I will no longer be able to contribute to this town as much as I can right now. Supporting small businesses is what is super important to not only Macomb, but the people who reside here as well.