A student spotlight on Mariah Slaughter

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

 “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” -Maya Angelou. There is nothing more memorable than the feeling of being heard, appreciated and supported. This individual has never failed to make me feel accepted or appreciated, and they do so in the most sincere and humble way possible. Mariah Slaughter is a Graduate Assistant at Western Illinois University where she is studying College Student Personnel. Mariah currently works her assistantship as an Assistant Complex Director in Lincoln, Washington and Grote Halls; and is phenomenal at everything she does.

The way that Mariah leads is so impactful, as she is quiet yet personal, reserved yet resilient and humble yet strong. Mariah leads by example and with such humility and grace. Her leadership abilities have impacted me both in her assistantship role and as her role as co-advisor of the Caroline E. Grote Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH).

As I mentioned previously, Mariah is a first-year graduate student in the College Student Personnel Program here at Western, and it is so evident that this field is perfectly fitting for her. From the beginning of training week up until now, Mariah has put in endless work to make a difference for each individual that she comes in contact with. Mariah is also an extremely hard worker.

As an Assistant Complex Director, Mariah directly oversees all desk operations and a supervisee group of about 10 individuals. While I am not on Mariah’s desk staff or a part of her supervisee group, her impact is obvious. The desk assistants always have pleasant things to say about Mariah, and the desk is extremely efficient. Even with the struggles of the current pandemic and having student staff members bouncing in and out of desk work, Mariah persisted and continued to work through the obstacles that surfaced. Mariah’s endurance, support and understanding during these uncertain times has been a huge part of my own comfort during this time, and I am sure many others feel the same.

In Mariah’s supervisee group, it is beyond evident that all of her supervisee’s love her, from shoutouts for Mariah in the group chat and at staff meetings to thanking her for all she does for them. Mariah goes above and beyond for her supervisee’s, arranging things such as Pumpkin Painting Nights and other bonding events, and recognizing the hard work of her supervisees through verbal affirmations and nominating them for membership in the National Residence Hall Honorary.

In addition to her outstanding work as an Assistant Complex Director, Mariah goes above and beyond as an advisor of the Caroline E. Grote Chapter of NRHH as well. This is where Mariah’s wonderful spirit and work ethic has affected me the most. Mariah has worked endlessly on helping our NRHH Chapter soar to new heights in the right direction. Some examples of how she did this include helping edit and write the updated constitution, creating a bidding process for our chapter, and spending extra time on different NRHH projects. Some of these projects from the month of September include but are not limited to: creating paddles for OTM winners, assisting in checking over bids, working to come up with more service and recognition ideas and so much more.

Mariah’s impact on the chapter, even in the short month of September, runs very deep. There is never a moment where I doubt her support in me or in our organization, and this is something that means the most to me. Mariah is a considerable leader, advisor and overall individual. She brings peace and comfort to any setting she is in, and that is a feeling I know people will not forget.

It is for these reasons and so many more that Mariah deserves endless recognition for her efforts at her school work, advising and her assistantship.