Some orchards are worth the drive

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

Let’s face it, the fall season brings many different decisions when it comes to attractions and things to do, from haunted houses to hayrides and farm visits. The most common, in my own experience, is finding a good pumpkin farm or apple orchard to go to.

Since there aren’t many in the Macomb area, this brings a hard decision to make of which farm or orchard to drive to, or is it really worth the drive at all? I recently went to Tanners Orchard in Speer, IL. The drive to Tanners is about an hour and 40 minutes from the Macomb campus, but in my opinion, the drive was completely worthwhile!

Tanners is truly filled with fun things to do for an entire day. Some of the attractions available include an Apple and Pumpkin U-Pick, Grain train rides, Tanners Apple-Dega Pedal Carts and so much more. In addition to the activities, there are also food stands and areas to sit and enjoy your time with those you are spending time with.

Upon arriving, it is evident from the number of people there Tanners Orchard is truly loved by many. People of all ages were at the farm, from babies to senior citizens. Everyone was buzzing and having a great time!

I was lucky enough to have gone on a Festival Day, so the fun was doubled. The first thing that I did at Tanners was, of course, apple picking. The wagon ride out to the apple-picking site was a lot of fun. Tanners really provided education on how to pick an apple, and other facts on apples, like the fact that an apple is a part of the rose family!

After apple picking, I made sure to head over to the corn maze. The maze had two options: a one-mile maze or a two-mile maze. This is especially nice for those that may be bringing younger children with them to Tanners, because it has a shorter option available. The maze had a theme and a mission in addition to having to make it out. And, if you solved the mystery and made it out of the maze, you were able to enter a raffle for a mountain bike.

The Tanners store was also filled with so many wonderful products. Sauces, jams, decor and my personal favorite: apple butter and apple cider. More than this, though, the views around the orchard were so wonderful. There were many hay bale decorations that stood out. My personal favorite part of my trip to Tanners Orchard was having an apple cider slushie, especially since it was a warmer day when I went, it was a must.

So, if you are looking for a fun day-trip for this fall season, I would highly suggest Tanners Orchard! While the drive is far, it is well worth the memories you will make in the process.