Virtual Emmy Awards

Peyton Finnegan , Courier Staff

This year, in light of the recent pandemic, the Emmys have decided to go virtual. The Emmy Awards recognize excellence and achievement throughout the American television industry. The name of the award originates from the word “immy” which is a nickname for the image orthicon tube that was common in early television cameras. The award itself is a statuette that depicts a winged woman holding an atom. The Emmy is one of the four most prestigious entertainment awards that you can receive in America. Other awards include; Grammy (music), Oscar (movie), Tony (live theater).

The Emmys originated in Los Angeles in January of 1949 at the Hollywood Athletic Club as an image building and public relations opportunity. The original award ceremony that took place in 1949 was only aired in the Los Angeles area, not nationally televised. The first actress to ever receive an Emmy was Shirley Dinsdale for Most Outstanding Television personality. The most famous Emmy ceremony that takes place is the Primetime Emmy Awards. The Primetime Emmys are generally more viewed by the American public than any other Emmy award ceremonies. This is due to the fact that more people watch primetime television than daytime television, therefore there is a larger viewing audience. The Primetime Emmys are usually held in mid-September, the Sunday before the start of the official television season. They are run and voted on by members of the ATAS (Academy of Television Arts and Sciences). For most categories, members from each of the ATAS’s branches vote around June to determine the nominees into their respective categories. All members can however vote for nominations in the best program categories. The final voting to determine the winners is held in August.

This year’s decision to make the Emmys virtual was not an easy decision to be made by producers. The producers elected to get rid of the dress codes required for the event along with setting up more than 100 live camera feeds for nominees. One of the most treasured traditions of the stars in attendance as well as viewers is watching the attendees walk down the red carpet in elegant gowns. While it is sad to see this tradition skipped this year, it is important to respect social distancing guidelines and keep people safe. While the producers are trying to do the best they can under these circumstances, it is unclear if the format of the award show will remain the same. It will be interesting to see whether or not producers seamlessly pull this off.  Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and airing on ABC, it is sure to be a night that makes history.