Here lies the magic of a snow day

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

I’ll never forget my first snow day as an elementary school student. The excitement of sitting in front of the television screen and watching the “school cancellations” run across the bottom of the morning news. Snow fell outside as my dad and older brother tried to keep on top of shoveling it so it didn’t become unmanageable to shovel it all at once. Asking my mom 10+ times what school district I was in so I can find it as it flashes across the screen, and when it finally did, that feeling of pure happiness. Knowing that school work was canceled for at least today, I got to stay home and play outside in the snow and drink hot chocolate all day.

As a child, one of the most real-life magical experiences is that of a snow day.

However, with the changes that 2020 has brought, the snow day may be a magical event of the past. Advances in technology such as Zoom, Google Classroom and other applications and websites that can make remote learning possible are unfortunately the very things that may make the snow day a thing of the past. The technology advancements and increased knowledge on how to effectively teach remotely is increasing throughout the United States and world, which is a must in the face of a pandemic. Students being able to access their education from the safety of their own homes through hopping onto Zoom to meet with their class is now the new normal. These applications help us keep ourselves and students safe through minimizing contact and allowing for students to still be able to learn and get instruction from a teacher. These new remote ways of learning also allow for students to interact with each other virtually, and while it isn’t the same as the face-to-face contact that they are used to, it is better than nothing.

While the new-normal of remote learning is becoming easier for parents and teachers alike to navigate, the future of things like a snow day may become things of the past. A snow day used to occur when the snow was so bad you could not leave your house and therefore school could not happen, is now altered since school takes place primarily in the students house to begin with. It will no longer be “no school today, snow day!” rather it will be a “remote learning day!”

In my personal opinion, the snow-day is one of the most magical days for students, and that should not end just because of advancements in technology. Our new way of remote learning is amazing and so wonderful for keeping students safe. However, when there is a day that would otherwise be eligible for a snow day I think that it is so important we take it and let students embrace the excitement of the snow day. While there may still be storm-days or those days when Zoom and other applications crash and disrupt the ability to learn virtually, it is important to keep snow days alive.