Wakanda Forever

On Friday, the well-known actor Chadwick Boseman passed away from a four-year battle with cancer. This was something he had been dealing with since his diagnosis in 2016, when he found out he had Stage IV colon cancer. His death shocked the public because he kept his medical issues hidden for so long. Although he was having medical problems, that never stopped him from continuing his career in acting. Several of his movies were filmed after his diagnosis, including one of his more recognized films “Black Panther.” He had an interview with Sway’s Universe before the movie came out, and during the interview he mentioned, “There are two little kids, Ian and Taylor, who recently passed from cancer. And throughout our filming, I was communicating with them, knowing that they were both terminal. And they said to me and their parents, ‘They’re trying to hold on until this movie comes.’” In the interview, Boseman starts to get emotional because at the time he was going through the same exact thing. He is seen as a hero on and off camera.

 He played an icon in many different roles such as: T’Challa, James Brown, Thurgood Marshall and Jackie Robinson. Boseman won BET Award best actor, Black Reel Award for outstanding actor, NAACP Image Award, two MTV Movie & TV Awards, a People’s Choice Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, all for his role in Black Panther. This movie was also nominated in the best picture category at the Golden Globe Awards, making it the first superhero movie to ever be nominated for this. This is just a small portion of all the awards and nominations he has received throughout his acting career.

 His family said it best in an interview regarding his death, “A true fighter, Chadwick persevered through it all, and brought you many of the films you have come to love so much.” He went through countless surgeries and chemotherapy throughout a majority of his career; still managing to play such iconic roles and have such an impact. Boseman was an outstanding actor and an even better role model.

 After the news of his death, many different tributes to Boseman began. There have been numerous social media posts honoring him from actors he’s previously worked with and even fans who have come to love the movies he’s starred in. Not only have people been posting, the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards started off with some heartfelt words about Boseman and dedicated the entire event to him. Also, his high school in South Carolina just revealed that they will be starting a scholarship fund in his name, hoping to raise $100,000.

 Boseman was an incredible actor and inspired so many men, women and children across the world for his bravery on the screen and through his fight with cancer. There’s no doubt that he will go down in history as an amazing actor and relentless fighter.