The surprise we didn’t know we needed

Tea Wheat , Entertainment Writer

The spring and summer months were long and hard this year, especially for those of us that were inside due to the Illinois Statewide “stay at home” mandate. Things were unpredictable and the majority of the public was struck by anxiety for the majority of the spring and summer months because of this.

On Thursday, July 23, Swift fans woke up to some of the most exciting news of the summer; Swift announced that she would be releasing her eighth album at midnight on July 24. In shock and surprise, Swift fans took to social media outlets to express their happiness about the album titled “Folklore,” and in addition to the album coming out, Swift also released a music video for one of the songs on the album that same night.

At 11 p.m. I quickly took to YouTube to watch the official viewing party for the newest Swift music video for the song “Cardigan” off of the Folklore album. The music video was absolutely breathtaking, opening to Swift in a cabin-type room, which came into a forest as she climbed into a piano. She repeated this throughout the song, eventually ending back in the cabin that she started in.

 I personally loved the album. Swift is able to blend so many emotions into each and every song, making it so that anybody listening could relate to it. The way that she is able to do this is spectacular and I think I listened to this album on repeat for a week when it first came out. I just couldn’t get enough  of it.

“Folklore” gave not only Swift fans a taste of change in the middle of this pandemic, but all music lovers alike. Obviously, not everyone is a big fan of Swift, but when someone as big as her drops an album, people are going to stop and listen to it, especially now.

The album allowed people to stop worrying about everything going on in the world, even if for a few minutes and allowed them to get lost in the music. This is something that is more and more desperately needed in today’s world, even if there wasn’t a global pandemic out there.

This album was a breath of fresh air in the midst of a global pandemic and brought ease and excitement into our lives that were in need of something positive. Swift’s timing could not have been better