Introducing the Staff

Allison Young, Courier Staff

 My name is Allison Young and I am the Western Courier’s Opinions editor! This is my 7th semester here at the Courier! I started off as a writer for the pinions section and worked my way up to being an editor after my first two semesters. My major is communication with a minor in marketing and I will be graduating in May! My last few years at Western have been spent by being on the cheerleading team. I cheered for three years and chose not to continue this year for personal reasons. I loved being a Leatherneck cheerleader it just took up a lot of my time! Some of my interests include spending time with friends, journaling, shopping online, photography, and I am wanting to get into traveling to different places. A fun fact about myself is that I was stuck on a cruise ship during quarantine. So, my seven day vaction turned into 10 days. I can’t say that I had many complaints about the situation though! The cruise came up with a whole new itinerary with things to do. They had plenty of food and beverages to last the rest of the trip! After college I do not have a specific job that I am looking to do but I want to pursue a career in the business/marketing field. I have loved being a Leatherneck the last few years and I am sad that it will be coming to an end in May.