The uncertainty of 2020

Anesha Wheaton, Courier Staff

COVID-19 has changed everything this year and that will most likely continue for the next couple of years as well. Everyone is tired of hearing about it, but it’s all we ever talk about now.

For six months the news has been talking about the virus like it is the second coming of Jesus Christ or like we’re all going to be in The Walking Dead, needing to fend for ourselves because anarchy has ensued. Some anarchy has happened, and it has changed the way the world works and the way we need to cope with our problems. The world leaders don’t know what to do, governments across the world don’t know what to do and citizens are lost without their leaders to look up to. It is a time in world history where everyone is just as confused as the next person and it’s not the best feeling for a sense of security. Through the lack of security and normalcy, riots and protests have broken out in support of BLM or Antifa or against it and the lack of freedoms due to the pandemic. A portion of Seattle called CHAZ tried to secede from the union in June and most people were not aware or not upset from that, which is a bit concerning. At this point in time, it seems like some simply don’t care what happens and others are in a frenzy trying to control the flames that are
spreading everywhere.

Some people are not happy with the situation going on and hoped that by the time school rolled back around we would have some sense of semblance of a plan for the kids going back to school and for resuming normal societal function, but that hasn’t happened yet. We are living in a time of limbo, waiting for the other shoe to drop. A sense of limbo cannot last too long before something drastic happens, and no one wants to see what will happen when
it does.

We are not going back to the society we had last year and we will all need to adjust to it. All of us need to re-prioritize what is important to us and what we can and cannot live without. For some of us, school is not a priority because they simply lack the money to continue their education or don’t see the next benefit of it. A lot of the jobs we are going to get degrees in will not be around in the 10-20 years due to automation. Many people have lost their jobs that will never come back and no one knows what is going to happen next, which can be a bit exciting if you put a positive spin on it. Due to no one knowing what is going on, there is a lack of expectation for everyone, which means that you can do whatever you want and find out where you are going to land when the proverbial shoe drops. Change the nature of the script you are in and write your own story. You only live once so make the most of it.