The top three upcoming country music artists

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

I grew up in a small town where I was raised on country music. As I got older, I learned to have an appreciation for almost all genres of music, but I would still consider country music to be my go to. I know that many people don’t have a liking for country, but those who do typically love it. I know from being in Macomb that there is a wide variety of people with different tastes in music because we all come from different backgrounds, but I want to take this opportunity to discuss who I think the top upcoming country music artists are currently. When I say upcoming I mean people who have songs on the charts and people who have a big future ahead of them in the country music industry.

The first artist I would like to discuss is Luke Combs. Combs is a North Carolina native who grew up loving the classic country. His first single was released in 2014, only six years ago. Since then he has released several albums and had multiple songs at the top of the charts. In 2017 his single “Hurricane,” sat at the top of the charts for two straight weeks. He has recently announced that he will be releasing five new songs in a “deluxe” version of his most recent album this coming October. I consider Combs to be an upcoming artist because he became popular extremely fast, with six of his released songs hitting No.1 on the charts. Combs has also already been inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, and for those who don’t know, it is a great honor to be inducted. He sits as the newest and youngest member in the Grand Ole Opry lineup. It is safe to say that with only a few albums out, Combs has a big future ahead of him in the country music world.

Another artist that deserves to be considered upcoming in the country music industry is Morgan Wallen. Wallen started his music career by auditioning for the show The Voice as a pop artist. He did not win, but he still made a name for himself within the last few years. He has a history of working with other country artists such as Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean. He actually toured with FGL and partnered with them for the hit song “Up Down.” He had a few songs hit the charts, but his song “Whiskey Glasses” hit No.1 in 2019. I personally believe that this is the song that really made him stand out in the country music world. Within the last few weeks, Wallen released his song “7 Summers” as a single because of the growing popularity people were showing on TikTok. When he released it, he broke a record for the most streams in one day, this helped him reach his first top 10 on the billboard charts, putting him at No. 6 on the list. He has gained quite the following for someone who does not have much music released yet. Wallen has more than enough potential to continue to grow as a country artist and I can’t wait to see what he can do in the future.

The final artist I want to talk about actually became recognized through TikTok; her name is Priscilla Block. Her fame started when she released a song she wrote on TikTok called “Just About Over You.” Her 330,000 followers encouraged her to release the song on Apple Music and Spotify. When she finally got the courage to do it, she reached the No. 1 spot on the iTunes all genre chart in less than 12 hours. This shows that there is so much potential in this upcoming artist and songwriter. In the next few weeks, Block has been busy writing songs and posting them to her TikTok account to try and get other musicians to sing her music. I consider her to be upcoming in the country world because she can sing and write music that has potential. She has been able to write music for different country artists and I can only hope that she gets recognition because I enjoy her and her songwriting. Keep an eye out for Block because I have faith that she will be making big steps in the country music industry.

Overall, I am sure that there are other artists that people see fit for the top three upcoming country artists, but in my opinion there is so much room for growth in each individual I have talked about. They all have a place in the country music industry and I recognize how talented each artist is. I am excited to see what the future of country music holds for Combs, Wallen and Block.