Virtual Activities Fair happening this week

Rachel Greene , Editor-in-chief

The first-ever Virtual Activities Fair began yesterday and will continue through Thursday. Usually, the fair takes place on campus, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made that impossible. In an effort to promote involvement in a safe and healthy manner, organizations will be engaging with students through the virtual platform GoogleMeets. Over 250 student organizations exist on this campus and will be attempting to recruit in a new way this semester.

The fair has been divided into three sections that each occur from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Yesterday featured academic groups, professional and business fraternities, special interest groups and organizations related to resident life. Today will feature fraternity and sorority life, multicultural groups, social justice groups and advocacy groups. The fair will conclude tomorrow with spiritual and faith-based organizations, arts, media, literature, recreational and service-based organizations.

Markeysha “KiKi” Marshall, a first year graduate student in the College Student Personnel program, said, “This year it’s really important to get students connected and involved (virtually) since they are limited in what they can do. They want to be here and they want fun things to do but they also have fears which are valid. We want students to have a community to be a part of in the midst of a pandemic which is why we are continuing with having an activities fair even though it’ll be virtual. The way it’ll work is we have three separate days separated into categories. Every registered organization’s president has received a Google Calendar invite with their organization’s designated Google Meets link. This link is how students and prospective new members will be able to meet with you! New students will be able connect via PurplePost with these organizations through the virtual fair events set by the Office of Student Engagement.”

For more information regarding the Virtual Activities Fair, students can go to or contact either Markeysha Marshall at or Meyani Montano at