The Tik Tok Controversy

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

One of the newest upcoming social media platforms is causing a stir. The app is called TikTok. It is a video platform where people can create short films. There are different audio enhancements and filters to spice up these short clips. I am sure that most people are familiar with the social media platform by now, but are you informed on what an uproar the app is bringing to the social media community?

The app is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance Ltd. and has grown rapidly with over 175 million downloads within the last few months. One of the biggest issues that has been found with this application is that it has access to your location services, search histories and much more. Some people seem to think that TikTok is the first app to be doing these things and using this information but, I know that other apps on your phone do the same thing.

The Chinese company has the ability to look at and analyze the data of users from the United States. I understand why this is a concern, but it has led to an entirely different uproar with President Trump.

The U.S. government has actually restricted the use of TikTok on any government owned cell phone or electronic device. We are not the only country that is banning the app either; countries like India have hopped on the bandwagon because they have realized the dangers of the popular app. The United States is close to following the same protocol. 

In the last few weeks, Trump announced that he is going to prohibit the use of TikTok in the United States. While there is data to prove the dangers of the application, some have a different opinion as to why Trump wants to ban TikTok. A theory behind his announcement of banning the app is that he does not like to do business with China. This has been known for quite some time, so people don’t find it very ironic that he wants to get rid of the app. In my opinion, I understand the speculation they have, but I also see why there is harm when it comes to the data that is able to be shared through the app.

There are people who live and breathe TikTok, which is absolutely absurd in my opinion. People are focused on “becoming famous” and I also see why that is a problem. I love the well-known app and I do tend to spend many hours watching funny videos, but I do not think it would be as big of a deal as people are making it if the application was banned. As entertaining as TikTok is, there is a lot you are risking when using it.

  There has been talk of Microsoft buying the popular app in order to keep it alive. The company has been working with the United States government to work out ways to make changes to the app and see if there are ways to make it safer. Do you want to see TikTok stay, or should it go down in history?